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    [Ret] T15 - 4 piece bonus. Does it change our rotation/priority system?

    Hello folks.
    Here's the deal. So, I am wearing the Ret T15 4-set. (your Crusader Strike has a chance to make your next Templar's Verdict deal all holy damage, which translates to like 35% buff to TV).

    And pretty often I come to this situation: I have 3 or 4 stacks of Holy Power. I have the T15 buff. The only HP-generating ability that is ready is Crusader strike.
    So I have two options: follow with the standard priority system, which means maximizing HP-generation = using the CS. But then I risk wasting the T15 procc and having to use non-buffed TV (which hits really weak, with the loss of T14- 2set)
    Do TV, to consume the buff, even though I am not at maximum 5 HP yet. But then I am slowing my HP-generation by not using the CS that is ready.

    What is higher dps? Thanks
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    What I do is CS > Exorcism > Judgment. But you have to watch for the proc, and try not to CS again until you've used it. If nothing else is up, then you have no choice but to CS for the Holy Power. Once the proc happens, I try to fill up my holy power as much as I can, or if Exorcism and Judgment are on cool down, then just TV.

    You'll waste procs at some point, so don't feel too bad. The damage from the TV proc is pretty huge. Enough to change the priority.

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    In the situation you put in your post do a TV even though you aren't max hp, not worth wasting proc chances.

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    One thing I've wondered is which is best to use for cool downs. Holy Avenger, Sanctified Wrath, or Divine Purpose? From what I understand is that Sanctified Wrath is still best, but I'm not sure? Though when using Sanctified Wrath I Hammer of Wrath and then Exorcism, rinse repeat. Only rarely having the opportunity to use CS to try to get a proc. The problem is that with both Holy Avenger and Sanctified Wrath if I don't use use Exorcism, then I'm wasting my 2 set bonus. If not using CS then wasting my 4set. Is it better to CS over Exorcism, or Exorcism over CS?

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    I would speculate that you'd want to use exorcism first so that mastery and your set bonus hit for more, but thats assuming you dont have the 2set bonus up. If you can be that attentive to your inquisition and exorcism effect, great; although if you're not as skilled...
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