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    Need advice regarding my opener.

    Hey guys. Lately I've been told that my opener is straight up bad, and makes no sense. I for one tend to disagree, as from all the openers I've tried this one has the best burst. I open with Mut -> SnD -> Shadow Blades -> Mut -> Rupture -> Vendetta -> Engineering gloves and then I just to the normal rotation.

    I would like some feedback on this, and maybe someone could clarify as to why this is not the ideal opener.

    Also this is my character's name is Shaffic (can't post links yet), I use Ask Mr Robot for my gemming and reforging. Any fixes that can increase my dps would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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    Welcome. Please read the READ BEFORE POSTING sticky at the top of this thread regarding being at MMO-C, and to answer your first question, see Assassination: The Nitty Gritty, also stickied at the top of this forum.

    For your second question, we'd need to know what server Shaffic is on in order to find your armory; in general, however, you shouldn't rely on AMR for reforging by itself, because default stat weights are highly unlikely to work for your character. I recommend getting to know shadowcraft.mmo-mumble.com instead.

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    Hey, and thanks. I've read some posts from that thread, as you can see the opener I am using is the one shown on the first page, but I was wondering if there is a better one.

    My char is Shaffic on Frostmane - EU. I've actually tried Shadowcraft in the past, but Im not sure if im just noobish with it or what, but it was a dps loss when reforging using shadowcraft.

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    There's a detailed discussion of opening sequences in the most recent pages of the Nitty Gritty thread. If you've got new information on the topic of openers, or someone you speak with regularly thinks they do, you should post in there.

    Shadowcraft shows you having reforged and gemmed ideally as it is. The only thing I can see is that if you can get hold of a spiritsever - even LFR quality - with the legendary gem, sticking one in your offhand would be a 230+ DPS increase over your current gear.

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