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    Card reveal: Void Terror

    A new card was released by Blizzard, to wetten our appetite!

    Source: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/...error-5-2-2013

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    In this Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft card reveal, we deal out a card that’s bound to make your enemies tremble and quake before you—the Void Terror.

    The indomitable Warlock Gul’dan stops at nothing in his pursuit of power, and the whisper of his name strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. Among all his devices of dread, one card in his arsenal is especially terrifying.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    The Void Terror is able to absorb the minions next to him upon being summoned. Are you in control of a pair of feeble murlocs? Not anymore. Now you have a giant Void Terror. What happened to those night elves you had? Now they have become one with the void.

    Void Terror can also help make your forces less vulnerable to Area of Effect (AoE) spells. Hellfire would cripple a deck filled with small minions. . . .
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    Void Terror can help turn that army of puny minions into a huge, shadowy behemoth. That 3-damage blast of flame would barely faze your big blue demon on his path of destruction.

    This minion really shines when you can convert single-turn, temporary effects like Power Overwhelming into a permanent bonus.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    Give one of your puny minions a taste of SUPREME POWER, let him strike for a single, glorious attack, and then let the Void Terror suck his newly enhanced essence into his being. (Don’t be sad, it was going to die anyway.) In fact, a quick death in the Void is probably more pleasant than the alternative. Now that temporary +4/+4 bonus lives forever within the Void Terror!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    When playing as Gul’dan, your role is not to care for the well-being of your minions. They are TOOLS for you to manipulate on your way to victory, and to be fed to the demons you’ll summon from the Void. Like any good tool, the purpose they serve is yours and yours alone.

    I just wouldn’t get too close to this one if I were you. He looks hungry.

    Please note that card titles and description are not final and may change.

    So, what do you guys think? Like or dislike?

    Personally I can see this card having it's advantages, but it's a bit situational. I mean they fail to say that this card also makes it easier to take out since it's only 1 card, and there are Legion (hur hur) ways to take out a single card the opponent has, for instance the basic Mage spell Polymorph.

    Love the fact they are releasing cards though, I hope this means they are starting to ramp up the reveals towards beta.

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    I can think of a few situations where this thing could work wonders:

    1) Ancient Watcher? 2 for a 4/5 that Can't Attack. Eat it up, go go.
    2) As they showcased, Power Overwhelming is absolutely amazing.
    3) Plus, he can always eat up your other Demons. They all have really good stats.

    Sadly, it is a bit too easy to remove (Sap/Polymorph), but still. It'll see play somewhere, even if he doesn't become a consistent winner. You can very well take advantage of him to eat up stuff like Abomination/Loot Hoarder to get good effects without being too sad about it =]

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    Definitely an interesting and potentially powerful card. The fact it can be neutralized fairly easily must be why it only has a mana cost of 3. Potentially being able to get something with upwards of 10 attack for only 3 mana is crazy.

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    That Void Terror is ripped lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orby View Post
    That Void Terror is ripped lol
    Pretty impressive for a being made of shadow

    I've been thinking about this card, and personally I 'm wondering how the benefits weigh up against the obvious problem that probably every class has the ability to have something in their decks that will stop this card at pretty low mana cost, and without a downside. Polymorph, Big Game Hunter, Deadly Shot, Doom Sayer, Execute, Hex, Patient Assasin, Sap are all cards at low cost that can take out the Void Terror completely, at an even mana cost or less.

    I guess some heroes will need to have a special card, cause they won't have one in their regular arsenal, so it might be something that works against certain classes, and gets countered pretty hard by others. It's an interesting card, but situational, I think.

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    Since it says "either side", I guess you can manage to place that minion on the extreme left or right, therefore sacrificing one minion only. Do it after the sacrificed minion attacked and it's technically a +3/+3 buff that you can't use before attacking that turn.
    In my opinion: meh.
    This could be good if there's a way to make warlock minions attack the turn they come into play but I haven't seen such a card so far.

    The only real advantage you get is, AoE now likely can't kill the minion if you play it on turn 3, assuming there are no board wipers at 4 mana. (Hello Wrath of God)
    And as for using ancient Watcher, I'd rather use a silence on it that risk it all on Void Terror: the silence can be used in other ways if needed and would make a more balanced decks.

    That said, I've never been one of those "dark ritual-dark ritual empty my hand and pray very loudly the opponent doesn't have a counter". I don't like gambling decks, overall.

    This card will likely be very good in the forge though, as are all biggies in draft/sealed environments.

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    Yes this will absolutely destroy people in forge where the spot removal is scarce.

    Constructed this will be less valuable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaestmannaeyjar View Post
    I don't like gambling decks, overall.
    Me neither, and I get a sneaking suspicion that Warlocks are a bit made to be that way, with sacrificing stuff to get more powerful stuff. Giving up cards, mana crystals and even health is pretty much gambling on the fact these sacrifices won't come to bite you in the ass.

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    Summon 2 void terrors and watch this game rip in half...Mwahahahhaha!
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