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    Crit Prot Warrio

    I am trying to get gear that is crit mastery and finding trinkets that suit also for the 5.4 crit warrior protection.

    Lets get a BIS TOT list going here.

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    Weapon: I am thinking the Shellsplitter greataxe or Kura-Kura, Kazra'jins skullcleaver
    Shield : Ultimate protection of the emperor
    head : Faceguard of the last mogu
    Neck : Talisman of angry spirits
    Shoulders : Pauldrons of the last mogu
    Back : Tiger claw cape
    Chest :Talonrender chestplate
    Wrist : Caustic spike Bracers
    Hands : Handguards of the last mogu
    Belt : Abandoned Zandalari goreplate
    legs : Legguards of the last mogu
    Feet : Sabatons of superior being
    Rings : Spinescale Seal & Ra-dens Contemplaticve loop
    Trinets : Gaze of the twins & Primordius talisman of rage

    What do you guys think

    the idea is to have a healthly crit while also maintaining good defensive stats.

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    It´s not even clear if going for crit will be viable at all at this stage. I think it´s a bit early to search for crit mastery plate, which will most likely be soon exchanged in SoO anyway.
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