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    starting over...which class 5.2?

    Since I want to experience something new, I'll reroll. I've got every class at level 85 or higher so my question is: which class/spec is the most fun to play as of patch 5.2 at level 90? (fun as in your personal favorite class)

    I like to pvp as well, so it would be nice if somebody could shortly recap which classes are slightly op right now.
    Thanks in advance guys and girls =)

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    Eenie, meenie, meinie... Rogue.

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    Personally, I was going to do the same thing, I ended up choosing Druid, for PVP I think they'd be amazing, they have so much utility. But I've been watching Sodapoppin pvp, he plays feral, and he's really entertaining (the way he plays druid). And even if you don't like Feral, you can always play Resto, even Guardian for RBG flag carrying.

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    Do the one that looks best to you. Best class isn't as good as the most fun class.
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    We can't choose a class for you. You have to do the research yourself to determine what you'd like to play.

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