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    Secrets of the Empire Drop Rate

    Been doing some research over the past few weeks on the drop rate of these and came up with the following formula:


    Has anyone any other formula or an idea on what the drop rate is because its horrendous. Also if you kill a boss in lfr can you get a secret off the same boss in normal? I can't recall ever getting one in normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doffy View Post
    Also if you kill a boss in lfr can you get a secret off the same boss in normal?
    Nope. You have one roll per boss and the LFR and Normal/HC variant of the boss is considered the same boss.

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    I got all my secrets already, on LFR only, and considering LFR's staggered release, that means it's not that bad of a drop rate.
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    So funny that I've got all mine from LFR and zero from normal.

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    I completed my Secrets last week all from LFR since I do them before our Tuesday evening raid. RNG is RNG.

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    I myself found it was closer to

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    There is already a thread - Poll: How many Secrets of the Empire do you have atm?

    No need for another one. Please use that for your secrets discussions.

    Closing thread.
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