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    Was stockpiling all the different enchanting rods, ready for the expansion

    Then blizzard made it so you only ever needed a copper rod for any enchant

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    I accidently bought a Crimson Deathcharger for 90k (CURSE YOU EASYBUYOUT THAT I HADN'T CONFIGURED A MAXIMUM PRICE ONE!), but I was able to sell it for around 80k or so, so no big deal :P

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    not my biggest fail(thats mentioned earlier) but ALL my friends biggest gold fail(not loss) is not listening to your AH mogul friend when he says "my advice, just go buy a shitload of hypnotic dust, its only 10g per stack and itll probably go up in mop" no one listened to me... i barely even listened to myself as i only had 2 bank tabs of it, i should have gotten 2 full guild banks

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    first 600 tailor on server, put up 4 476 epics in ah for 20 g each instead of 20 k each... someone resold em the next day for close to 70 k

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    AH I remember it was not my biggest fail but also sucks:

    At the Beginning of Pandaland Launch Me and all the other Engineers flooded the AH with Mist-Piercing Goggles for 59g because we used them to lvlup Engineering.
    Now they are 900g on AH. I believed that some rise like that would happen but didn't stockpile them so am poor now (poor meaning slightly further from Gold Cap 21Million than would be possible by now)

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    105k on unclaimed bmah container, contained leggings of faith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    It's a gambling game. Those millions were probably made gambling before they were lost.
    Best addon ever. I remember taking 100k from a guy in ICC. He was raging so hard it vent it was hilarious. But I have also lost huge on a /1 100k rolls. My worst was rolling a 64 to a guys 95k

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    Sold 10 living steel for 57g each instead of 570g
    damn you remote auction house

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    My girlfriend found a Sapphire panther for some ridiculously poor amount (either 7 or 70g, that kind of region). She obviously bought it and told the guild. One guildie suddenly said he'd put it up there by accident.

    Whether or not he was telling the truth, I don't know, but if he was, poor sucker

    (he didn't get the mount back xD)

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    Dude posted in /2 that he was putting up 3x metas for 450 per, so I spend about 15K buying them all up and then posting for their normal 1100-1200 price... after 6 months, prices never came near 500g, let alone the previous 1100-1200.

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    I once vendored a green instead of disenchanting it so I lost like 4 gold.

    I'll have you know I couldn't sleep that day.

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    I was working the DMF trinket market. One day I was on my laptop instead of my desktop and I forgot to set up my TSM posting data correctly. Ended up listing a trinket for 1k instead of 10k. As soon as I realized my mistake I went to cancel my auction, but it had already sold. I sent an in game mail to the buyer essentially congratulating him on a good auction snipe. Later that day I got a COD for my trinket for 1k. It renewed my faith in people. (at least for the day)

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    Spent almost 100k twinking 4 of my alts, and then when 5.3 hit the 85 Twink bracket basically died. Does that count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narrows View Post
    Spent almost 100k twinking 4 of my alts, and then when 5.3 hit the 85 Twink bracket basically died. Does that count?
    How did it die?

    Well thought I'd drop in to update on my recent most gold fail.

    Invested 15K to level up a couple professions on two different characters. I paid 10K to someone to farm me all the ores and herbs from Vanilla - MoP and spent another 5K on my second alt to level up the same professions.

    At level 48 I decide it was a complete waste levelling up the same class, so I decide to transfer over my Hunter from my old realm that already has the same two professions. Only decided cause of the recent realm transfer sale.

    Well good thing I am sitting on a lot of spare change.

    I am honestly more pissed about spending time levelling my hunter for those 48 levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonheart View Post
    How did it die?
    Extremely long ques after the battleground roles were implemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonheart View Post
    How did it die?
    I would imagine theres an ilvl Cap inl ow level BGs so no more roflstomping all with 450 ilvl Armor and 491 ilvl Weapon on Level85.

    OT: Being rich sometimes induces rather obscene Gold Spending. Like for Example every Mount that I wanted to sell of Engineering and the Jewelpanther I couldnt resist the Urge and learnt them instead. Lost ~~ 300k Gold from them. Transmogs also have been a Gold Grave, once I spent 6,5k just for aquiring the Scythe Polearm for transmogrification, then spent 5k to buy the same Scythe Polearm with a different color, only to drop it off after two weeks or so. And just recently I bought a Transmog Armor Set for ~~16k on AH which is more than some people earn on their Journey to max Level, but hey at least someone's Alt looks fabulous now:
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    When I was really new to the game, I overpaid rogues to open lockboxes for me.

    I bought a Ji-Kun Hatchling in the AH for 30k, the next day a new one was in there for 10k

    I forget how much gold was involved, but I messed up a bit getting my DMF cards at the beginning of the expansion.

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    i bought 2 heirlooms from the guild vendor realized i bought leather instead of mail i resold them and bought the mail ones not realizing that you don't get a full refund like you do with the points currency >.<

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    I was greedy and gave a stranger 920k for some tcg mounts which were too good to pass up. They hadn't redeemed them and wanted gold in hand before doing so (that was the first sign to gtfo, which I ignored due to how much profit I would make off of this). I believed them because they had sold tcg mounts to someone else on the realm who I knew was also a tcg flipper.

    Anyway as you can guess, I got scammed and lost all of that gold. However I ticketed Blizz and because it was such a large sum they decided to intervene and give me my gold back. Lesson learned, don't be blinded by greed.

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