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    Quote Originally Posted by serenka View Post
    Not FTP, they should drop their sub price a bit though, its like £8.99 now, drop it to £4.99
    thatd be nice but i dont see that happening anytime soon

    also i hate exams, im now part of a statistic

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistahwilshire View Post
    What? Yes it has. It rose almost 2 million with MoPs release..
    it went from 9.1mil to 10mil with MOP's release that is a far cry from 2million.

    Tip to everyone talking about MOP getting subs and what cata had: Please look it up before throwing at random numbers.

    cata ended with 9,1mil subs blizzard then stated wow had a little over 10million after mop's release. Now wow is at 8.3 mil and dropping.

    It is like I said wow is going to keep losing subs until it hits a point and sits there. there will be no patch no xpac to raise subs and keep them there.

    The age of wow is setting in it happens if you enjoy the game play it but it has became a fact that wow's subs are going to keep dropping until they hit that point.

    I am not saying wow is dying but age has set in.

    I personally think MOP will be around 6 million subs when MOP comes to a end and that would mean in 4 years it lost half its sub base that it had in WOTLK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yjmark View Post
    Does anyone have any real information as to why the subs dropped? Or just wild guesses with nothing to back them up?
    They don't even know, not everyone leaves with an "I QUIT" posts, so even Blizzard can't know why they're losing subs.

    Words to live by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    10m is a huge number...
    9m is still a huge number...
    8m is a pretty big number...
    7m is a pretty big number too...
    6m is a big number...
    5m is a big number too...

    But don't you see the trend?

    I bet there were people at the top deck of Titanic who were saying something similar:
    "Hey, we are still pretty high above the water!"
    While the rest of passengers were abandoning the ship, yeah, from the starboard, at first.
    Great . But hey, it's summer - people are outside, we're in a recession, people get older and had 3.4 kids on average since last call in Feb. Just wait for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubbl3 View Post
    It wont. Wow is fucking old. That is the main reason people are quitting. Not because the game has less quality than 2007. Blizz has to reinvent ALL the mechanics to make the game "new". -> Blizz has to make a whole new game.

    And: The MMO Market has not infinite growth. WoW will never ever be at the high points of its career again, never. Still MoP is the best expansion to date.
    If they launched Burning Legion, and returned everything back to what it was when TBC hit (no LFD, LFR, CRZ, guild perks) and brought it all back to basics, I would bet 10M dollars that everyone who ever played would resub in a heartbeat just to see it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoitsme View Post
    Sure it is.
    As numbers show.
    A controversial move by any company always has polarized results.

    You and the person you quoted are perfect examples.

    For a lot of us, Mists is the best expansion for the game to date.

    But ALSO for a lot of us, Mists is the worst expansion for the game to date.

    Because Blizzard took a risk and gave the game the breath of fresh air it needed, instead of following the usual model of us going around the world saving it like Superman or something of that nature, the game is taking some hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarl Balgruuf View Post
    Yeah, people need to stop saying "it's still 8 mil".

    It's a pretty big deal.
    Of course it's a big deal. Just how much of a big deal and how it affects future production only Blizzard will know. Doesn't matter how people rationalize it though, 1.3 million lost in a three month period is quite frankly a staggering loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    Remove everything cross-realm, and remove guild levels and guild-recruit bot addons, LFG, LFR goes to the trash bin, restore server communities.

    -WoW gains 50 million subs.
    Yes please. But the current playerbase would go mental. I would love it though.

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    Blizzard should start a manifesto where every important thing should be addressed per Vox Populi.
    And on a time scale, actively implement/change these 'things' without touching the content time scale.
    They should hire extra if needed and if they want WoW to survive.

    just my 2 cents.
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    More daily quests will sure help, keep cranking em out and gating, sometimes double gating valor gear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    They gave us more content than ever before and all they got was subscriber losses.

    I said this months ago on the EU wow forums, they need to merge realm, I know no end of people who have quit because there realm died.
    They gave crappy content in the form of dailies that no one wanted.

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    i bet this would raise the sub numbers.

    right guys?




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    Until they add some kind of alternate advancement for max level characters (not just gear upgrades), I think we will continue to see a population decline. Everquest had AA points, same with EQ2, WoW (In my opinion) should do something similar (Path of the Titans?) to keep people playing their characters even after they have gotten best in slot gear. I know in EVerquest, once I had best in slot gear for the expansion, I was still on farming AA points to make my character more powerful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    That I don't know. I'll look.

    Edit: Age of Wushu is indeed F2P so I'll have to think of another theory.
    Really dont have to look very far. There are hundreds of F2P chinese only games and the market is always volatile. The reality is a single game canot corner the asian market. That said MOBA games like LOL who offer great esports viewership and growing super fast in china (as a game is much faster then sitting down for a 2-3hr raid in WoW) and the dream to become a 'pro esports star' with an LCS Riot salary drams a ton of very skilled players (that hope to live the dream)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoitsme View Post
    Sure it is.
    As numbers show.
    Made me laugh, XD

    Always enjoy a good sarcastic remark.

    Words to live by.

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    Stop blaming LFD and LFR. If you remove it, you will see a decrease in subs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    Remove everything cross-realm, and remove guild levels and guild-recruit bot addons, LFG, LFR goes to the trash bin, restore server communities.

    -WoW gains 50 million subs.

    My name's Destil.

    My server community, along with the other servers I play on, still exist.

    How're you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nindoriel View Post
    WoW's numbers will stabilize at some point as well. There are a certain number of people that have been playing this game for years and are so heavily invested in this game that they will likely play as long as the game exists. I guess the people that are leaving the game are the ones who find it easier, well, to leave or to take a break. There will also always be new players and old players who return.
    Not really

    Eve maintains a stable subscription because it stays very true to what the game is about and who it's for. The developers are gamers themselves and retain its integrity, never selling out to break into a different subscriber market. Drives to increase sub numbers are conservative changes in game design, the long term players are never undermined by cheap ploys to inflate sub numbers.

    Wow on the other hand is a fast food product, it's been shaped by businessmen for maximum profit. The problem is long term subscribers must deal with lowest-common denominator blandness. Blizzard have a sub-population of consumers, little loyalty, quitting often, visiting MOP for a few months as a tourist. Imo wow is an unstable frankenstein at this point, and is very different from healthy stable games like EVE.

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    Holy moly, didn't expect that much. Cause i knew they had lost alot of subscribers... But not that many. I mean, a game won't be on top forever... So i knew at one point WoW would loose players. But 1,3million!?

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    So MoP lost about 1 million sub in 6 month.

    Optimistic will say that's because the game is old, but it's still huge and the #1
    Pessimistic will say MoP is in route to be the worst expansion of wow in term of growing or maintening the subs

    The one question that is on my mind is, despite the age of wow, could they have done soomthing different, both in game design or technically, to prevent or lower such loss.

    The future of wow is harder than ever, i'm not saying wow is dying, i don't believe it. In fact i believe it will still be there in 2020n everquest still is after all. No, i'm saying the future of wow is tough, concurent MMO are on the horizon, the market is learning on the success and failure of past MMO. Developer from all company learn lesson from rift, swtor, wow, guild wars.

    I think blizzard should hurry with titan release now, it is not unthinkable that they finish 2013 with 5 millions sub or less.

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