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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagoroth23 View Post
    Remove the following things:

    All ability to teleport to Dungeons, Make everyone ride there.
    Already implemented for Challenge Dungeons. Also by extension implemented for raids with the removal of mass summoning. Very unlikely to make it to regular dungeons/LFR due to dungeon finder. Imagine 25 people sitting in Stormwind and then having to make their way to Throne of Thunder.
    Remove Flying mounts from Azeroth
    No flying while levelling and no flying in daily quest areas. Numerous complaints. Flying will not be removed without Blizzard compromising their subscriber base.
    Remove all high level guards from low level towns and villages
    So you can spend your day ganking everything that passes through there? No thanks.
    Buff Dungeons so that you actually need to play your class properly
    Do a run with everyone in the group having entry-level gear (435), or do Challenge Dungeons. They tried to force the "proper" difficulty on everyone with Cataclysm. The expansion was bleeding subs.
    Remove at least 50% of wind riders and graveyards, get the traffic back on the roads
    They already removed auto-discovery of flight paths. And people don't enjoy running 2000 yards to get to their corpse, just to be corpse-camped. So no, won't happen either.
    Remove Ability to teleport into Battlegrounds, make us go to battlemasters as in the old days (just make more of them to avoid griefers).
    That would disproportionally extend the queues beyond acceptable levels. It's hard enough to get a Battleground while levelling a character as it is. It'd be even worse if everyone was forced to go to cities. And this also goes against what you wanted before, "to get traffic back on the roads".
    Remove a lot of phasing as it ruins immersion when you chase someone and they suddenly vanish.
    Phasing was implemented for the sole reason of letting everyone experience the lore at their own pace. It won't be removed.

    Add the following things

    All future expansions should take place in Azeroth, do not add any more zones, just develop the story on Azeroth so it thrives once again.
    And have another Cataclysm where so much work went into the old zones to update the story that the new content was severely neglected? No thanks.

    All in all, your suggestions would most likely make the game crash and burn even harder than Cataclysm did on it's own. Times have changed since you played, and so has gaming in general. Blizzard has done a remarkable job at staying in the game for so long, and that is solely due to them revising design decisions on a regular basis.
    Quote Originally Posted by Erin View Post
    I only saw a few minutes of it but it looked slicker than a lubed up olympic swimmer fleeing from a shark.

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    I am here to say only one thing..

    By now, immersion is the most overused, molested, MISused word ever. It's gone through the roof and past the word 'casual' and 'wrathbaby'.

    If immersion were a person, I'd have put him or her out of their misery by now. That poor dead horse being beaten by John the Hardcore at the moment has nothing on poor little 'Immersion'. Oh the suffering.

    Thanks for the awesome sig, Lady Amuno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaozu View Post
    Growing huh, servers full in the EU? Have you logged in lately? As I'm typing this, there's currently 35 low populated servers, one "new players" and one "recommended" which means 37 low populated servers. My server is shrinking for every month that passes, people either transfer off it or quit entirely.

    Whilst I agree that MoP is the best expansion since BC, they are definitely not growing in numbers.

    Oh and the servers I counted were only English speaking ones, if I were to include all the European ones we have an additional 19 German low populated ones, 3 French, 4 Spanish, 1 Russian, 1 Italian for a total sum of 65 low populated servers in Europe alone.
    Congrats, you described what Vanilla through now was for those servers. Jesus christ, people. WoW has always had low population servers. What is the sudden hard on?

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    WoW doesn't need to be saved. It's better than it's even been. Put off your nostalgia goggles and move on if you don't like it.

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    To me, the #1 thing that is wrong with wow right now is the LFGuild tool/server transfers. If you try to look for a guild in game, you'll either see the guilds that are recruiting for heroic raiding on trade chat/casual guilds that don't raid/mediocre guilds "looking for exceptional players". To the new person, none of those guilds suit them if they're looking at starting raiding outside of just LFR. Using the ingame LFG is a mess, since its a jumble of guilds and no one responds to any of the ingame applications since both parties have to be online.

    As for transfers, paying $25-$55 to join a raiding guild if you do find one is a cost that a lot of people don't want to swallow, especially if they do have alts. I think an effort should be made so that the dead servers are slightly more populated, (think medium pop level in bc/wrath) and make a working in game tool so that people don't have to wade through trade chat or MMO-Champion/ guild recruitment forums to find a raiding guild.

    If people were able to view raiding guilds available on their server, (or on another server if they so choose) and filter by times that would suit their schedule and see what item level and/or experience is required with an application form built in, I think you would see a higher influx into raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikashuri View Post
    £108 is too much? It's half a day of working. rofl.
    Because the average WoW player has a £60,000+ salary, amirite? I'm going to guess you don't earn anywhere near that.

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    All your complaints seem to involve World PvP tough..

    And I think that is one of the most insignificant things in WoW. All the changes you mention would be totally useless for someone playing on a PvE server for example.
    I agree that dungeons are too easy tough. I miss early Cataclysm when you actually had to use CC and plan pulls with anticipation (not to the ridiculous levels of some TBC dungeons though) but then Blizz lost lots of subs from the "Wrath babies" and decided to heavily backpedal back to Wrath-level lol-aoe-heroics (see Hour of Twilight heroics)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausr View Post
    Congrats, you described what Vanilla through now was for those servers. Jesus christ, people. WoW has always had low population servers. What is the sudden hard on?
    I was responding to a post claiming that WoW was growing in Europe, when it clearly isn't. Can't say I understand what you mean with what it was like for those servers during vanilla, the low populated servers hasn't always been low populated, the server I'm on now was thriving with life during the Burning Crusade.

    Yes I guess it's true that WoW has always had at least one or two low populated servers, but that only makes the problem so much worse, and it's only getting worse by the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felir View Post
    Not for me personally, I work full time; but for some unemployed people (which A LOT of the WoW population is) it's too much.
    What are you comparing it to? Eating out? Much more expensive. Seeing a movie or two a month? As or more expensive easily. I can easily spend more a month driving to my friend's houses than a sub fee. Buying new games? Even if you wait for them to be used this can easily be more expensive than WoW depending on the time you put into it.

    When it comes right down to it WoW is actually pretty competitive on a cost to hours of potential fun ratio.

    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    Haters should swallow their pride, admit that they quit the game because they sucked at it, and move on to playing something more in their skill range.
    Got a little white stuff on your chin. Might wanna clean that off.
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    Haters should swallow their pride, admit that they quit the game because they sucked at it, and move on to playing something more in their skill range.

    Because all those changes would KILL WoW. They would lose the majority of their playerbase within 6 months. Then Blizzard wouldn't be able to justify supporting it anymore and it would be shut down.

    So no, go to hell. Blizzard knows what's better for WoW then whiners do.

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    So... where were you in the last 3 years?

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    Yes, please, save WoW from being the most succesful MMO for the next 3-4 years and keep a healthy amount of players for another 7-10 years.

    Most MMOs wish to be as "dead" as WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    Haters should swallow their pride, admit that they quit the game because they sucked at it, and move on to playing something more in their skill range.

    Because all those changes would KILL WoW. They would lose the majority of their playerbase within 6 months. Then Blizzard wouldn't be able to justify supporting it anymore and it would be shut down.

    So no, go to hell. Blizzard knows what's better for WoW then whiners do.
    They didn't quit because they were bad at it. They quit because it was old. They keep thinking that changing WoW will restore the bliss they felt when the game was new. I think what they truly want is a new MMO from Blizzard Entertainment. I'm on that boat. I don't think any other game company is competent enough to produce a timeless MMO such as WoW. Call me a fanboy, but you know it's true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felir View Post
    Greece is a good example here.
    Is this guy for real? Lowest wage for an unskilled worker is about 500 Euro, and government employees get about 1K Euro/month. Wages on the private sector are much higher. Pensioners get around 800-1k Euro average/mo.

    I have no idea where people get 108 pounds average wage per month. That would be probably India, Pakistan and the Middle East excluding Israel.
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    NINJA TURTLES as the next playable WoW race/class combo. WoW has got Kung Fu Pandas, Pokemon and recently even Transformers in it, so I don't see how Ninja Turtles would be any less pathetic than current "WoW" is.

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    I still wish Blizzard would release some Vanilla or TBC servers.

    Yes I know all the arguements why that wouldn't and shouldn't happen, but I can hope.

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    You know. It's third time, when some oldfags/hardcores begin to tell Blizzard, what they should do in order to make this game better: 1) First time it was before Cata and many players was asking to make game harder. 2) Second time it was before MOP and they was asking to return Vanilla/BC style. 3) Now it's third time and you asking something like that again. And guess what? After first two times, when Blizzard followed your suggestions and changed this game as you asked - it actually failed. They should have learned it from Cata's fail, but it's nature of the people - in order to realize the reasons of the fail, human should try to do the same thing twice. And do you really beleave, that Blizzard is stupid enough to try to do the same thing third time in a row? M?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagoroth23 View Post
    As a few of you will know who have seen my recent WOW videos I have returned after a 3 year break to see what has gone wrong with the game I played 6 times a week for 6 years of my life.
    I can sum it up very quickly: Nothing is "wrong" with the game (at least not in the sense you imply - ofc the game isn't perfect). What has happened is that the experience of playing the game changed you, and the people who played the game changed the game. Both the player and the game have evolved. Some won't like it, but it is inevitable. Trying to point fingers and apportion blame won't help anything. You can either accept the changes or embrace them. Your choice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dagoroth23 View Post
    One word can easily sum up what is wrong with WOW and that word is "IMMERSION"
    I am not going to try and debate with you what went "wrong" with the game for you. I'll even agree with you that the sense of immersion has been somewhat lost. But I think you lack any real understanding of why.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dagoroth23 View Post
    Blizzard need to swallow their pride, admit they got it wrong
    No. Absolutely not.

    The only way to return immersion to the game is by removing every player and every resource (website, guide, video etc) pertaining to the game and start with a fresh slate of new players who have no knowledge of the game.

    Immersion is not ruined by anything you have mentioned. It is broken because it relies on the sense of discovery that players experience the first time they do something.

    It really is that simple. It's not so much that the game changed that is the "problem". It is that you changed.
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    Most of the players lost were in asia - why do you all care what the asians are doing? They are not interacting with you, contributing to the wests community much socially, or sharing servers with you.

    It's like being told 10 people you don't know half-way round the world died today, you might be vaguely saddened, but it really changes nothing for you personally.

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    we just grew up..thats all

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEHPALLYTANK View Post
    So you want them to make every single casual player quit, because that would be the result of most of the things you've suggested. You want them to revert most of their QoL changes.
    @!#% Your casual players, they are the reason we have lost the game we love,


    Great post, 100% agreed.

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