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    CodeSpells, create your own spells


    I've always been a huge fan of the Mage, the Ascension tabletop rpg, mostly because of the nearly infinite spells and effect you could create if you had the imagination to do so.

    Yesterday i found this game, CodeSpells, when i checked different news sites and i fell in love with the project.

    It's a game where you can create and code your own spells through an interface wich also learn to you how to code. You will also be able to mod or create your own games with their engine.
    There's a website: codespells.org where you will have all the information you need and they also have a kickstarter page, so enjoy ^^

    I'm really looking for manipulating these world and game ^^


    (i've searched before if there was any thread about this but i didn't find any)

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    Yeah, saw a video on this from a youtube guy, it actually looked really interesting ;P Have not tried it msyelf yet.
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