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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    If you need to bribe players, then that proves that something is horribly wrong with the community.

    It simply is not feasible to do any more with any sort of reward or incentives due to the inherently unbalanced nature of it.
    That is why battlegrounds are rewarding, and outdoor pvp is not.
    Because one is as close as we will get to balance, and the other has none.
    "An incentive is something that motivates an individual to perform an action."

    Doesn't mean it has to be rewards, but it means goals or at the very least something meaningful to achieve outside of griefing. Because that's what most World PVP is without any real goals to achieve. Why are you fighting an army of other faction if you have nothing reasonable to gain out of it? Now if they gave an actual reason to sack towns or capture territory, then it could be fun. Their previous attempts at world PVP goals have been pretty lackluster. 5-10% bonus EXP for the zone? But what if it was like Wintergrasp, where you actually get access to special quests and vendors, as well as to a zone with a special boss? Now you have a reason to fight.

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    The only thing I can see them doing to try to calm the ppl upset over how flying effects pvp is putting a debuff on players for a few seconds after they dismount. Having that debuff not allow them to attack players or something of that nature and flight based ganking will drop off some. You could make it as long as it takes to mount up plus a second or 2 letting ppl run if they don't really want to fight.
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    You can have my Proto-Drake when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    Seriously though, make World PvP fun, don't take away my cool mounts.
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    I always thought it would've been cool if they found a way so people couldn't fly in major cities. Don't know how well that would work though.

    As I do love to fly, I wish they didn't add flying in the first place in some aspects. That's my personal opinion though.
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    What really put the nail in the coffin for "valid world pvp" was the cast time reduction of mounts from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds mid wrath. When it was three second, someone was much more able to interrupt a mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamber View Post
    What really put the nail in the coffin for "valid world pvp" was the cast time reduction of mounts from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds mid wrath. When it was three second, someone was much more able to interrupt a mount.
    Mounting on flyers should be a flat 5 seconds and there should be flying fatigue just like fatigue in deep waters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldschoolwow View Post
    Mounting on flyers should be a flat 5 seconds and there should be flying fatigue just like fatigue in deep waters.
    Seconded on longer cast times for flying mount. I also kinda liked it where lower riding skill fliers actually were 60% in the air and 100% on the ground, then you upgraded to 280% air 100% ground at a monumental price.
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    Looking at the anti-CRZ threads, people aren't that much in love with being killed randomly by players of the other faction that either out number or out gear you (hierlooms are awlful for this).

    What that should do is make the CRZ give you a choice between PvP and PvE servers. Then you'll find that most people chose the PvE option, and on the PvP servers you can happily go round killing each other with full consent of the other player, and with anti-flying zones in the old world.

    You will probably see more resource nodes in the PvP server too due to the lack of population, so you can have fun killing farmers too.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    No, they couldn't. Most of the game is now designed around time efficiency.

    The second the change dropped, people would be complaining that they spend more time traveling everywhere than they do playing the game.
    This is pretty much it right here.

    They should make weapons to knock people off their mounts/flying mounts in PvP heavy zones.

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    No, they couldn't. Did you forget the bitching because we couldn't fly in Pandaria until 90? I think what they ought to do to appease all you "World PVP" people is put the PVP vendors in a Halaa-type area that you have to control to get them to appear.

    Personally though I want PVP in general to just die off and go away.
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    Just give each class a ranged demounting skill, maybe backed into any classes primary nuke or something.

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    they cant and they wont. Flying mounts is a large part of the game and removing it will only kill themselves. Also. Flying mounts is no world pvp killer. Flying mounts is not stopping giant groups of alliance attacking crossroads and be countered with a large group of hordes Flying mounts add to tactics. Flying mounts stop a lot of low lvl ganking which isnt world pvp anyways. The reason world pvp is gone is because ppl dont give a shit about it anymore. Nothing else.

    And there is just a tiny part of the wow playerbase that want flying mounts removed btw. Less than 10%. Reason it seems to be higher. Is simply because those that like flying mounts do not have any reason to say they like them and then they arent heard

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    I could care less for PVP given I'm on a PVE server.

    But flying around everything really kills the adventure feel of the world. We are practically gods. We literally own the continent.

    What kind of story would LotRs be if Frodo and company just flew to Mordor's door step? That fact that we could fly right to the door of the LK's citadel (even before the raid had opening and the AT had landed an outpost there) is downright silly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    No, they couldn't. Most of the game is now designed around time efficiency.

    The second the change dropped, people would be complaining that they spend more time traveling everywhere than they do playing the game.
    There are many ways to fix it.

    Design quests to not require so much running around. Make "roads" give a X% speed boost for mounts - think of them as expressways. Let mounts auto path when on roads - travelling is boring, lets face it; might as well automate it.

    For long distance travel, just create a "cruising latitude" for flying mounts where they have increase speed but can't see the ground (a medium size map will pop up to let players see where they are going and where the landing zones are) - prevent issues with terrain loading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lothaeryn View Post
    Quite the contrary, it existed in multitudes even with battlegrounds, arathi highlands was practically off limits to alliance on Kel'Thuzad in vanilla.

    Battlegrounds in those days served as a place you were guaranteed to fight people for honor, since all items from pvp were bound to the honor rating system back then, and honor could be gained by any means pvp related, in BG's or not
    That was back when you could only queue for the specific Battleground in Barrens/Ashenvale/Hilsbrad Foothills/Alterac Mountains/Arathi Highlands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Every Pwny View Post
    Probably too late, it's hard to remove someone that people have become so accustomed to.
    Not to mention the notion of FLYING itself is always an epic one, and an attractive one. While I mourn world pvp, it's not what WoW should be built around.

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    Does anyone else see the irony in this? That the best PvPers (arguably) are awarded a flying mount for their PvP efforts.

    If flying mounts did in fact "kill world pvp", why aren't those PvPers declining their rewards en masse as show of force and solidarity against what they perceive to be a slight against the pinnacle of WoW's PvP side?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    It simply isn't the right solution.

    Many people, myself, included, worked hard to acquire their mounts (I'm closing in on 200) and to have around 65% of them removed - simply because a small portion of players cry that they ruin the game - would incense me greatly. Those of you who dislike flight mounts so much don't have to use them.

    Take me for example... I loathe PvP. I think it poisons the game. It encourages griefing, childish bickering/behavior (OMG U SCRUBZ U SUCK WTF etc) and PvE is constantly at its mercy - I play warrior/hunter, who have been battered with nerfs which stem from PvP.

    Even though I feel I could argue a strong, strong case for removing PvP from WoW altogether.... I wouldn't. And do you know why not? Because I know some people, many people in fact, love to PvP and it really isn't fair of me to try and shove my attitude about it down those peoples' throats. I don't like it so I don't do it. But I don't think its realistic of me to say 'hey blizz, i personally do not like pvp so it should be removed mkay'.

    So, IMO, all the people who whine about flight mounts 'ruining the game' should kindly shut the hell up.

    you sir or ma'am have taken the words right out of my mouth.
    Quote Originally Posted by CrossNgen View Post
    Blizzard are currently making a gap between skillfull casuals, and skillfull hardcores, because, lets be honest here, you don't need skill to go up into raiding, just basic knowledge, casual players are currently blocked by this huge wall, this wall is called the time sink wall, which is NOT what the casuals want.

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    I can't believe people still talk about this instead of asking for them to invent mounted/flying combat!

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    Retrospectively the inclusion of flying mounts had a similar effect on the world and game as the LFR.

    Yes, it was convenient and an extent, but it changed the way the game was experienced in a fundamental way.

    So fundamental in fact, that there's no way they'd go back on that change.

    And honestly I don't blame them. When they were first introduced I too thought flying was awesome. It also seemed like a natural progression from ground-mounts. It wasn't until later than I realized how detrimental they are to the MMO aspect of WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axehandle View Post
    Most people find it very convenient and a small few point to it as one of the worst additions to the game. I'm talking about the world pvp killer, yes friends im talking about flying mounts. Now for those that want it gone I'd love to hear a reasonable explanation of how it could be removed without hurting certain parts of the game for example without flying it would've been impossible to do any of the Eye dungeons or TK. So please I am very curious to how the designers could remove flying entirely and I welcome your thoughts and opinions.
    World pvp is dead because only a handful of people cares about world pvp. Organised pvp is where it's at. When people venture out into the world, they want to farm herbs and ore, hunt for rarespawns and complete their quests. They don't want to be jumped on by someone of the opposite faction, much less be ganked for a few hours. The kind of world pvp that has been going on for the past few years revolves exclusively around ganking the weak.

    Addition of flying mounts to the areas of old world Azeroth hasn't changed anything. You still get ganked on your low level alts or jumped on by a group of Horde when you travel around solo, farming, questing or doing archaeology and minding your own business.

    Stop blaming flying. If people wanted to engage in certain activities because they think they're fun, they would do so. Forcing people to do something doesn't imply them having fun.

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