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    WoW going free to play sooner than later?

    Thoughts on this video from IGN:

    They are predicting free to play and talk about the loss of subscriptions and how fast it is falling (numbers)

    I am not saying they are right, but if it happens....that would be the date Wow officially died.

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    It's just hype and nonsense. It's not going to go free-to-play until the sub numbers dip so low it's not worth maintaining a subscription fee.
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    Man, that honestly reminds me of all of the people on these forums with threads and posts about WoW dying and how it should be F2P, lol.

    0/10 IGN writer.

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    World of Warcraft will NEVER BE free to play.

    -> The reason you ask? Why would it change it's model that's worked for over 8.5 years.

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    most likely, probablly by the end of the year

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    Even with a quarter of the current subs they would be taking in $360M per year just from the subscription fee.
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    Here is the reason why it will never happen...

    8.3 million subscriptions x $15 a month = $124,500,000 a month

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    Yeah WoW is going F2P because fuck money. Do you think games like LoL are making more money than 8m Subs WoW?
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    I will agree with this:

    1. Will go f2p when ttitan is released

    2. Titan news will finally be released at Blizzcon

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    wow is not going free to play anytime soon, so go back to swtor lorto gw2 or any of the other shit free to play games and cry about it

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    For a game the size of WoW I'd imagine with the amount of staff, and equipment the break even point would be about 2-3 million subs. So I'd have to guess it will be at least 2 or 3 more years before they have to revamp the revenue model.

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    WoW wont be going F2P for a long time, and im happy having it as a subscription.

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    Joystiq is asking the same question.

    It's not an unreasonable question when you are losing 400k players a month.
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    The only thing I can see happening is the increase in f2p content, not a full blown f2p model

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    I certainly hope they will not make it f2p. They might make 1-60 f2p though (to give people a true taste of the game and it would not hurt them allot)... I also hope more games will stap p2p as I like the p2p model more then the f2p model.

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    If it got down to a couple of million subscribers it might go free to play but the game is a long way and probably many years off that.

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    I would play WoW if it was f2p, as I currently don't feel like it's worth the fee every month. Content and community has gone downhill since TBC.

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    Was actually an interesting view.

    There logic is pretty flawed though.

    They basically said LotRO tippled its revenue by going F2P so therefore WoW should do that.

    Does anyone really think WoW would triple it's revenue by going F2P?

    Does anyone know how much revenue WoW made last quarter compared to LotRO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raidbozz View Post
    Here is the reason why it will never happen...

    8.3 million subscriptions x $15 a month = $124,500,000 a month
    A lot of those subscribers don't pay $15 a month as they say in the video. The Asian market has a different payment method.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dacoolist View Post
    World of Warcraft will NEVER BE free to play.

    -> The reason you ask? Why would it change it's model that's worked for over 8.5 years.
    You seriously think it will never be free to play? How delusional are you?

    Obviously it won't be any time soon, but to state NEVER? Lol.

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