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    Post The great referral code exchange thread

    I've checked with a forum moderator before posting this thread, and it's OK under the forum rules.
    "As long as it's a - if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours situation it's ok - however stuff like mybrute and clickfarming will still be infracted"

    Meaning, stuff like final fantasy chrono cross, defender of texel, various collectible f2p card games and so on.
    Often such games offer an extra bonus to both the referrer as well as the referred player.
    Since we don't want a dozen such threads cluttering up the forum, it's probably best for everyone to use a single giant thread for that single purpose.

    In a way this is also a great way to discover some new games to try.

    The rules:
    * Before posting, try to fill at least 2-5 of the requests before yours. (More is better)
    * Use the template when posting - to keep things consistent and easy to read
    * If you have "enough" referrals to get the objective you were after, please edit your post.
    * If you have multiple referral codes, please merge them into a single post.
    * Game should be free (it usually is).

    The template:
    * Game Name:
    * Device/platform:
    * Game description:
    * Download / direct link:
    * Bonus for user of code:
    * Reason for request:
    * The Code!:
    * When/where to enter it:


    I'll start you off, and try to fill the referral codes for some of the first posters

    * Game Name: Defender of Texel
    * Device/platform: Android and iOS (iphone/ipad) - will need to make a mobage account, which is free, easy, and needed for a variety of other free games.
    * Game description: Defender of Texel is a RPG / CCG with back to back special events. You collect 5 different levels of fighters (common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary) and use them to complete missions, events and pvp. Unlike most games like this, "this one" really stands out because of the nice 2D pixel style art. Over 2 million players so far.
    * Download / direct link: iOS: Clicky, Android clicky
    * Bonus for user of code: energy potions, battle potions, a free fighter and of course my gratitude!
    * Reason for request: I need more referrals, and there's a bonus reward for both of us which might be an epic fighter.
    * The Code!: NGaF - might be case sensitive
    * When/where to enter it: After you start the game and receive your free rare fighter, you must complete 3 missions and defeat the first boss.
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Game Name: Star Wars: The Old Republic
    Device/platform: PC (I Believe it also runs on Mac)
    Game description: Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Star Wars MMORPG made by Bioware (creators of KOTOR and Mass Effect).
    Bonus for user of code: No subscription is needed to get the following rewards, just sign up/log in using the link blow

    New Players Receive:

    1x Quick Travel Pass - a One time use item that removes the cooldown of your Quick Travel Ability (Similar to the Hearthstone from World of Warcraft)
    5x Minor XP Boost - a single use item that grants you a bonus 25% experience for one hour
    1x Inventory Module - An item that unlocks extra inventory space

    Returning Subscribers Get -
    Note:Only Subscribers who have been unsubscribed for 90 days or more are eligible

    7 days of free Subscription time
    1x Inventory Module - An item that unlocks extra inventory space
    1x Crew Skill Sot - Unlocks an extra Crew Skill Slot, which is used for Crafting
    1x Display Titles Unlock - Allows you to wear titles
    Unify Colors Unlock - Allows you to Unify your armor colors to match your chestpeice
    One Free Character Transfer - Lets you move to a new server (Remains on your account forever if unused)

    Reason for request: I get a speeder for the first referral that becomes a subscriber, some pets for the next 4, and some Cartel Coins for each one.
    When/where to enter it: [/B] Just sign up using the Link in The Code! section

    My character Name: Megrtim
    My Server: Harbinger
    My Guild: Dark Tide
    My Faction Both, though mostly Empire

    [B]The Code!: Unfortunatly, i cannot post links yet as i just made this account, but if anyone is interested, toss me a Private Msg and ill give you the link

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    * Game Name: Torn City.
    * Device/platform: Computer, Phone.
    * Game description: Text Based Browser Mmorpg. No Downloads required.
    * Download / direct link: Pm me.
    * Bonus for user of code: Some stuff if the people play for a while and reach level ten. Not required. Just want to spread the word of the game.
    * Reason for request: Get people to join.
    * The Code!: Pm me.
    * When/where to enter it: Just follow the link.

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    * Game Name: Collectoons
    * Device/platform: Computer
    * Game description: Free online trading card game. Very similar to the old Cartoon Orbit game! No downloads required!
    * Download / direct link: collectoons . com / register / index . php ? refid = 12403 (Remove Spaces!)
    * Bonus for user of code: If you sign up send me a message and I will sign up for yours in return!
    * Reason for request: Trying to reach 200 referrals for a rare CToon
    * The Code!: No code needed
    * When/where to enter it: Follow the link

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    * Game Name: DC Universe Online (Note: Link also works for Planetside 2, Everquest and Everquest 2)
    * Device/platform: PC
    * Game description: f2p superhero mmo
    steam page
    videos about dcuo I made
    * Download / direct link: recruiting link
    * Bonus for user of code: : Free welcome kit(depends on which game you select)
    For the exact Items you can click the link, it will say somewhere on the page "FREE welcome kit"(change to the game you want first)
    For DCUO:
    - 2 vault tickets
    - Radar enhancer 2-pack
    - R&D Scanner 2-pack
    - 2 25% xp boost(1hour duration)
    - Extra small reward after spending €9 / $10
    * Reason for request: I get free stuff for recruiting when I recruit a certain amount of people + something extra if they spend €9 / 10$
    * The Code!: follow the link to create an account
    * When/where to enter it: follow the link to create an account
    For those more interested in a fps
    * Game Name: Blacklight Retribution
    * Device/platform: PC
    * Game description: f2p fps that's not p2w:
    Most items can be bought with ingame currency, paid items are not superior or are cosmetic
    However people who pay will be able to get things sooner(Note: I haven't paid anything for this game myself)
    steam page
    videos about BLR
    * Download / direct link: recruiting link
    * Bonus for user of code: None as far as I'm aware , but it's still a really good game
    * Reason for request: I get free stuff for recruiting when I recruit a certain amount of people who reach lvl 10 ingame
    * When/where to enter it: follow the link to create an account
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