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    Are there any notable Night Elf Warriors in Lore?

    Aside from Druids and Hunters, Warriors seem like they would be a big part of NE Lore, does anyone know of any notable NE Warriors?

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    You could say, Illidian was a warrior, or that captain, which name i forgot, who served the queen before the shattering.
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    Pretty sure Illidan was a mage (Remember a big part of the reason he got imprisoned was not wanting to lose his magic). He then became a Demon Hunter. Don't think you could rally call Illidan a warrior (Not in the WoW class sense, anyway)
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    I think Illidan would be the Demon Hunter hero class, I suppose the Sentinel's consists of Hunters and Warriors though, right?

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    Im pretty sure Jared Shadowsong (i think that was his name) is a pretty major Night Elf warrior from the War of the Ancients

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    Shandris Feathermoon is a warrior, just an archery based and agile one, but she's still pretty much a fighter general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
    I think Illidan would be the Demon Hunter hero class, I suppose the Sentinel's consists of Hunters and Warriors though, right?
    Yes they do, the Sentinels and Fighters and Archers.

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    There we go almost got the name correct :P

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    Thanks Marg, Jarod is a good menton.

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    No problem happy to help

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    And this guy


    And those


    In Night Elven society it was the women who were the skilled warriors

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    the sentinels are probably the closest you'll get?

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    Think this guy is a warrior too

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    Thanks for the suggestions

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    Pained, Jaina Proudmoore's guard.
    You might also want to include the Watchers, including Maeiv Shadowsong.

    Traditionally, most of the warrior roles after Malfurion introduced the Night Elves to druidism were filled by females.

    There are more males however. Valstann, http://www.wowpedia.org/Valstann, who was killed in the War of the Shifting Sands is one.

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    I believe Shandris Feathermoon is officially considered a warrior in lore, though she generally seems to prefer using bow/arrows rather than melee combat from what I remember. Jarod Shadowsong is the most notable night elf warrior that comes to mind.

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    Pained, as mentioned before. She did give that Kor'kron dude a whooping in the Tides book, if I recall.
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    Pained and Ravencrest comes to mind. Maiev and Wardens are more rouge-style imo.

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    The night elves don't have a lot of traditional warriors in the sense of the class in WoW because that isn't their cultural style of combat. Their military forces over the past 10,000 years are made up largely of the sentinels, huntresses, and priestesses of the moon. They don't go to war on a battlefield face to face as much as they use guerilla tactics in the forests and jungles. They'd use traps and fight at range, probably hit and run tactics, quite often.

    The bows and glaives you see most using are definitely the favored weapons and they aren't designed for close combat as much, though the glaives can be used for that as well.

    The Sentinels would be the closest you'd have to warriors since the Sundering, but they aren't heavy plate wearing fighters. The names others have mentioned so far are good examples throughout their history, though!
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    Varo'then was told to be the strongest and most cunning warrior in the ranks of Azshara's army, so probably he's the one your looking for.
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    Jarod Shadowsong,varo'then and the Ravencrest dude whom i can't remember the first name of. Pained is worth mentioning aswell.
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