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    Which items to upgrade? - 5.3 Patch

    With the coming patch :
    The Void Binders are coming back!

    • Items upgraded with Valor will now cost 250 Valor Points to upgrade per 4 Item Levels, for a total of 500 Valor for 8 Item Levels per item. This applies retroactively to all items that can be upgraded using Valor.

    With this in mind, which items would be best to prioritize to upgrade over others? (potential of 6 fully upgraded items on the day 5.3 comes out, with 2 more in the week after capping)

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    Quite simply it is weapon and trinkets as the top 3. Then likely the items with the highest stats. ( For instance a chest piece has more stats than a ring.)

    If I recall correctly after weapons/trinkets, chest=helm=pants>shoulders=glove>boots=belt>back=rings=neck=bracer.

    However to be more efficient with your valor, you should try to upgrade items you will not replace quickly. Personally I won't be including the option for thunderforged in that decision but for some people they may.

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    Just look first: Which pieces are BiS.

    Eg. if your guild can already kill a boss that drops something you want which is BiS, don't upgrade that piece. It might drop next week and you waste 500 VP .

    Generally though, Weapon > Trinkets > Highest Stat pieces(Chest/Legs).

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    Feather feather feather feather!

    ... And weapon
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    god damnit, time to replace sha hc 2/2 soon? D:

    But yeah, gogo feather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schleimhaut View Post
    god damnit, time to replace sha hc 2/2 soon? D:

    But yeah, gogo feather.
    I thought the extra strength that 517 Shinka has over 522 2h from ToT wasn't better than the weapon damage gain of 5 ilvls

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    I recall reading that the extra Strength was worth about 7 ilvls - maybe that was only true at T14 stat weights though

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    rule number 1 upgrade only heroic thunderforged if u have it
    rule number 2 upgrade at the end of the reset not at the start
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    I thought the extra strength that 517 Shinka has over 522 2h from ToT wasn't better than the weapon damage gain of 5 ilvls
    depends on spec. example being festerblight doesn't get much from weapon damage, str is weighted very similar to wdps

    since my raid died I guess i will go in the order of trinket (feather) > weapon > other heroic pieces

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    Personally I have always have favored the usual trink>weapon ect ect style as it's generally the "best" way to upgrade them. With festerblight and all the fancy bs going on with Unholy...
    I'll prob do my 2 trinks, weapon, legs, hands, belt first. (Due to lfr head/chest which I would wait to replace) Then with the 1k valor from that week it would depend on upgrades I get and such. Cloak coming next, bracers and neck after.
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    wepon > trinkets > thunderforged heroic (i mean you probably won't switch them out) > other heroic stuff
    maybe even wait with some of the vp till you get a better item sometimes. more or less same tactic that i used with the first dude.

    wepon>trinket>Bis items, else you just get pissed off for spending vp on a item that you change again
    but i hope 5.3 comes soon, my twink dk needs more dpz

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