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    Flightmaster bugged?

    Ever since I started my new toon, it will not show me connecting flightpaths outside of the zone I am in (only flightpaths in the zone I am in), even though I have a ton of them from questing from zone to zone. I relogged, I reloaded my ui, nothing seems to work. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    U may have to rediscover the points

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    they changed it back so you have to rediscover places now

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    It was bugged when you were auto learning the flight paths. They simply fixed the bug to ensure you have to discover the flight paths again.

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    Maps displaying Flightmaster icons incorrectly Carbonite: Bug Reports - Live Release Version.

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    I discovered them, and still have ZERO paths open. how many times do I need to discover them until I can usr them? It wont even let me fly to the zone I JUST came from either or any nearby major city ive flown from 100x. ugh

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    You guys asked blizzard to remove flight paths, now they dont work anymore, Happy!?
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