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Thread: Pally re-roll

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    Pally re-roll

    Hey guys started a new dwarf pally want to lvl as Ret but also want to get to mists content ASAP, been doin dungeons and I'm averaging queue times of like 4 minutes, do you think I should stick to playing ret or get instants and go prot

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    If you want to level fast go prot. Ret is just going to slow you down, and besides its almost impossible to die as prot if you use eternal flame imo.

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    Hmmm something to look in to haven't played a pally in forever just getting the feel for it again was going to spec to the guide in the sticky but I realized that the guide is for a lvl 90 build

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    You should level via quests it gives more exp,que for pvp dungeons and do quests for multi tasking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne25uk View Post
    You should level via quests it gives more exp,que for pvp dungeons and do quests for multi tasking.
    You should do every instance atleast once to get the Dungeon-quests which provides alot of exp. So just do that and quest, leveling 1-85 is super easy nowadays.
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    Play Ret, then when you get dual spec get a Prot spec and do the dungeon quests between normal levelling.

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