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    SkullFlame Shield was my very first epic item.
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    When I entered Molten Core on my new dinged level 60 mage. I got 4 epics that run I knew the people running the guild from another game, and they basicly boosted me.

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    Nightslayer belt

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    I can't remember which one came first, but it was either Blackskull shield or Dragon's Call. I remember feeling so badass when it would proc and I'd have my little dragon pew pewing. Awesome memories.

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    Back in Vanilla, I was playing a mage, first epic I ever looted was Azuresong Mageblade... via our old-school DKP system.

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    Found a Freezing Band while leveling my first character, which helped pay for my epic mount. Can't remember what my first equipped epic was.

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    I don't know if this counts: but it was the trinket(?) from doing the blacksmithing questline in vanilla that let you summon a purple hammer every once in a while. First purple I remember anyways. Back on my pally (that I haven't played since vanilla, lol).

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    Yes, I was a noob.

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    Well I don't exactly remember, but I think it was when some friends got me to tag along on an old content pug in Wrath while I was still level 70. They did Karazhan and I got this helm which I think is still in my bank today.

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    Warsong Gulch epic level 40 mail agi bracers on my hunter. Sat out at the camp in Ashenvale for so long to get it, I was so stoked to have an epic.

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    My first epic... I want to say my Sorcerer's Gloves from the tier 0 > 0.5 upgrade quest chain. Though it might have been one of the vanilla crafted tailoring items, one of the robes.

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    My first epic was on my hunter back in vanilla. I was SO depressed that I couldnt farm enough gold to buy my epic mount. I was in Un'Goro crater farming on the elemental mountain in the middle partnered with a rogue. He ran back to vendor stuff and I kept solo'ing and Krol Blade dropped. I had my epic mount later that evening !

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    First epic I ever received was the epic helm for Shamans at level ~51, can't remember the name of it but I know it had Sky in it. Was a long quest reward and felt awesome when I finally had the last turn in.

    First raid epic I ever got was Fang of Venoxis from Vanilla ZG, first ever night raiding and getting an epic weapon was just about the best feeling in the game.

    First BoE epic I ever saw drop was Underworld Band while questing with a friend in Feralas, we both freaked out for at least 30 minutes, and sold it on the AH for around 1000g.

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    Kang the Decapitator was my first ever epic but my first raid-level one was the Brutality Blade, followed very shortly by Flameguard Gauntlets and a Vis'kag the Bloodletter. Saddens me that the re-introduced VK in Wrath had the wrong damn model. :/

    That was my warrior, who was my only character until Wrath, then I swapped to my DK and haven't gone back.
    DK's first ever epic was the 25 man belt from Instructor Razuvious - I think it's just called Girdle of Razuvious?
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    Leveling in BC, in Tanaris, it was a tanking ring, I don't recall the name of it.

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    Probably an item from a reputation vendor. Not sure.

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    Warden staff from the AH, used it for beartanking all the way into AQ. God damned welfare epics.

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