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    The Red Viper, only wish his part was longer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Lets say you have a two 3 inch lines. One is all red and the other is 48% red and 52% blue. Does that mean there's a 50-50 chance they're both red or is the second line matching the all red line by 48%?
    ^^^ Wells using an analogy

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    It's between Arya and Daenerys for me.

    I like Jaime a lot more as well, I hated him in the first series, but then I read the books.

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    #1 - Bronn.
    #2 - Tyrion.
    ^This. Scenes featuring both of them in the books and in the show are gold.

    + Jaime.

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    Just watched the new episode. Jaime Lannister is my favorite.

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    Overall, Tyrion, though Jon Snow and Arya would be my next two favorites...those are my favorites both in the books (so far, about to start book 3) and in the show.

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    I love Arya's story arc, I'm hoping she ends up back in Westeros as the silent assassin killing off everyone on her list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xylophone View Post
    The Red Viper, only wish his part was longer.
    a lot of the Dorn characters will become fan favs i'm betting when they hit the series
    Quote Originally Posted by Ahovv View Post
    It really sucks that I no longer know when someone is trolling or just a conservative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    Just watched the new episode. Jaime Lannister is my favorite.
    that song is about Tywin though!
    "You six-piece Chicken McNobody."
    Quote Originally Posted by RICH816 View Post
    You are a legend thats why.

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    Arya, Jaime or Daenerys personally. Probably more so Arya, if we're going by the books.
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    Jon Snow. If the whole story of the Night's Watch was a different book, I wouldn't touch the others :P

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    Jaime in the books for sure. Roose is amazing too, and Stannis. And Tywin. Also have a soft spot for Cersei, and Ramsay/Joff have always morbidly fascinated me.

    I actually really like Stannis in the show. Sure, he's a tad darker, but I think Dillane does a great job with what he's given.

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    As far as the books go: Baelish, Varys, Qyburn, Tyrion, Sandor, Sansa, Theon.

    Although I believe all of them have been transferred to TV phenomenally well, minus Sansa and Theon. It seems they're leaving out an entire and rather critical part of Theon's storyline which is incredibly disappointing.

    As far as TV goes: Tywin, Beric, Melisandre.

    I didn't necessarily dislike Tywin and Beric in the books, but they've done such a good job of them on the show. I utterly hate Melisandre in the books, but she's surprised me rather a lot. I still dislike her, but I feel like I'm supposed to, and she's doing very well at conveying that.

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    TV Show: Tyrion, Tywin, Varys, Stannis, The Hound - they're all excellent actors and spot on their characters IMO
    Book: the above, adding Arya, Baelish

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    Arya is my favourite character in the books by far, her story is amazing. Jon Snow is my favourite overall and I like what's coming for him in the next book/final season (hint Azor Ahai).

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    Arya is my absolute favourite from the books, followed by Tyrion.

    Tyrion is my favourite from the show, just because Peter Dinklage is so fucking awesome at bringing that character to life. I like Arya still in the show, but she hasn't had as much character development yet.

    I will say the show has been good about making me sympathetic towards characters that in the book I hated or didn't have strong feelings for. Probably because we don't hear their internal monologuing in the show. Like, my hatred for Sansa in the books burns with a fiery passion of a thousand suns, but in the show I feel bad for her mostly. I don't even hate Cersei as much (although I still hate her) in the show. And Jon Snow I am really apathetic to in the books (I know, I know) but his storyline is more interesting and compelling to me in the show. Tywin in the books was just another asshole but Charles Dance does him so, so, so well in the show.
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    Jaime is the new kings hand.

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    Melisandre.. so mysterious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raunchy View Post
    Jaime is the new kings hand.
    Hard to be a hand if you haven't got one.

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    Stannis he does not take excuses or BS right to the point.

    Grown to hate Bran...

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    Arya and Jamie are probably my favorite storylines and characters at the moment.

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