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    With virtual realms is it still worth it to sever transfer?

    I am currently playing alliance on US-Proudmoore and I want to move my Horde Priest on Maelstrom to Proudmoore. Is it in my best interest? My best interest being: I want to be on a populated server, and playing alliance (because I played horde for too long). I have no guild ties on Maelstrom. Is this the best move, or should I wait or something?
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    Im pretty sure Blizzard makes a lot of money off of server and faction transfers. I dont see them adding something that would make those obsolete.

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    You could wait I suppose. There's no knowing at this point if Maelstrom and Proudmoore will be part of the same virtual realm. There's no promise that it won't be either. It depends entirely on how much you want to guarantee that you get to play on Proudmoore and how important it is to you. You could possibly wait a very long time. If it's really important, I'd probably pay to go.
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    I have a bunch of characters on one server that I'd love to have virtual server'd with my main server but at this point in time Blizzard hasn't really given us any information about which servers will be put with which.

    Honestly, in your shoes I'd just wait until we have some information before paying to make a move.

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    I'd wait until Virtual Realms are released before I transferred, seeing if it's a dramatic improvement or not before spending the cash.

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