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    5.2 - Trinket confusion.

    First things first, here's my armoury: Twinklê.

    I'm currently at Durumu on normal mode, so drops pending, I have all trinkets but RoRo (which is terrible) and Talisman (maybe in the near future) to work with. I'm pretty certain replacing BoIS with Bad Juju (522) is the best current solution for my first trinket slot. The problem is with the second.

    I'm trying to decide on which other trinket I should acquire and/or upgrade. According to both AMR and Shadowcraft, my VP SPA trinket is better than Rentaki's (522). However, according to the EJ BiS EP thread, Rentaki's ends up being better. Are AMR/Shadowcraft wrong, based on my current gear? If not, at what point does Rentaki's overtake the SPA trinket?

    Unless the maths shows a huge upgrade by switching from mastery to haste, I'll be sticking with mastery. I prefer the constant increase in poison/envenom damage over the random damage spikes haste provides. I've been ignoring Shadowcraft reforge as it's giving me some weird results. In particular, putting crit above haste. I've been using Reforgelite in conjunction with common sense and I've been getting pretty decent results. If there's any other information I'm missing, feel free to let me know.

    If you've got the time, any other gearing tips would be appreciated. I generally know what I'm doing with my rogue, but there's always someone who knows more.

    Thank you for your time!

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    I had the same trinket setup and I replaced bottle with juju and later replaced rep trinket with renataki's. Note however, that if you can not get under the expertise cap, the rep trinket is better since expertise gives zero value past cap and hit still gives SOME value.

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    Just messed around in Shadowcraft. I think that's what was causing the confusion. If I drop some of my expertise gear, Rentaki's starts beating the SPA trinket. I was still in tier 14 mindset (not enough exp, reforge to it). Turns out I'm already reforging pretty much all of it away and I'm still close to the cap.

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