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    Repping up in Ashran as a non-PvPer

    Is there any way of doing this as a non-PvP player with relative ease? Originally I had hoped to just farm the artifact fragments from the crabs outside of the PvP zone itself, and just turn those in, but they don't seem to be dropping them anymore. And when I do go into Ashran itself, I spend most of my time getting wrecked by the PvP players there, I am and will always be terrible at PvP. So I'm wondering if there's any repeatable rep quests I can do in ashran without having to engage with enemy players directly? thanks!

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    You can go inside ashran and farm the mobs, theres rarely anyone in the areas where no pvp events happen like at the arakkoa or panthers.

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    It's fairly easy to do as long as you go to the side areas where your faction tends to go to. Obviously if you're trying to farm on the opposing faction's side of the map you're going to have less success with this. Works best if you're also running around with 2-3 other people to discourage stray Rogues from trying to take you out.

    What most people don't tell people is the side areas are the primary source of Artifacts, so more artifacts being farmed up --> more times the boss can be summoned --> more times the center can be pushed. Don't pay any attention to the people raging that you're "leeching" because they don't know what they're missing without your input.

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    Well, if you're sneaky, go into the battle and loot enemy player corpses. They occasionally drop a racial token which you can turn in for a strongbox/2500 Ashran rep. The droprate is actually really good, got from friendly to exalted in a day.

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