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    Unlocking additional color schemes for hidden appearance.

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone know if I can unlock the extra color schemes for holy hidden artifact appearance by completing world quests and dungeons as discipline? For example, if I complete the 200 world quests requirement on my discipline weapon, and then later become exalted with valajar so that I can unlock the hidden appearance for my holy weapon. Will the holy weapon already have the second color scheme unlocked?

    I was wondering about this cause no where on the requirements does it state you need to complete world quests or dungeons using a specific weapons hidden appearance, just that you're using one. I really dont wanna do 200 world quests as holy :/

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    Seems from my experience that you can,you can even do the 200 with disc and holy as it seems to be completely shared between specs. Atleast from my limited testing so do not worry!

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    I have not yet gotten a hidden appearance, but the way I interpret it is that it is unlocked similarly to how every other color scheme is unlocked. When you get Light's Heart, you unlock the appearance for every weapon. When you complete your class campaign, you unlock the appearance for every weapon.

    So, if you complete world quests, dungeons, and prestige with a hidden appearance, it stands to reason that unlocking 1 might unlock them all. Again, I'm not 100% sure if this is true.
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