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    Quote Originally Posted by Drayarr View Post
    That guild chat...I don't even...
    Bad time for a screenshot.

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    On farm so far I got:

    1. Swift Zulian Tiger
    2. Swift Razzashi Raptor
    3. Onyxia Mount
    4. Al'ar
    5. Fiery Warhorse
    6. Headless Horseman
    7. Both Eye mounts ( blue and the other one )
    8. Rivendare mount
    9. Vortex Pinnacle
    10. Armored Razzashi Raptor
    11. Blue Proto Drake
    12. Anzu

    And ATM each week farming LK and Yogg so far no luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drayarr View Post
    That guild chat...I don't even...
    I did not notice that, wooops.

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    Finally got Azure this week (1st kill of the week) after 4 Blues in a row.

    193 and counting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drayarr View Post
    That guild chat...I don't even...
    Good read!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguinezor View Post
    Good read!
    Haha oh man, I love non-serious guild chats. Serious once in a while is just fine, but purely serious guilds are the worst.

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    Fiiiiinnnnaaallllyyyy got that Huolon mount after 200+ (!) kills.
    I should've known that you'd travel in disguise. They're ... always watching..

    item squish is a terrible idea;
    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    it is the process of simplifying numbers to make them comprehensible for the unskilled common peasant folk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguinezor View Post
    Good read!
    I Lol'd as well!

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    I like taking videos when I have a possibility to get a rare mount =) I've gotten a couple the past week!

    First I got Reins of the Raven Lord! Finally after so many runs in both Cataclysm and Mists.

    Then today I decided to try for the Blue Proto-Drake for the heck of it. Got it as well!

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    just got my

    after 4 months of 2manning it with my friend on 4 toons

    now for the second drop for him..

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    After 67 solo runs over the past two years, I managed to get my hands on this lousy dragon last week...... Now, only ashes of al'ar left and I am set.
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    Saw Onyxian Drake for the fourth time today.

    Still no luck with Karazhan or Ashes, with over 200 kills of both.

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    Look in chat for the mount and rolls on it

    Won the clutch of Ji'kun with the luckiest roll back in ToT

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    Man, I'm on a roll. In the last 2 weeks I've gotten the Love Rocket, Grand Black War Mammoth, the Vitreous Stone Drake and now this. Sweet.
    Tito Per Sempre Etern | Adiós Y Gracias, Maestro

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    I guess I have to wait a bit to post pics, so i'll just list some of the better drops i've had so far

    1. Son of Galleon
    2. Mimiron's Head
    3. Clutch of Ji-kun
    4. Razzashi Raptor
    5. Brewfest Ram(Original Blue Quality Version)

    Actually, i'll just name the ones I still That list is a whole lot shorter, and you can use your imagination on the ones that have dropped for me :P

    1. Invincible
    2. Experiment 12B
    3. Blazing Drake
    4. Pureblood Firehawk
    5. Astral Cloud Serpent
    6. Reins of the Drake of the South Wind
    7. Cobalt Primordial Direhorn
    8. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
    9. Spawn of Horridon
    10. Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

    If I get the remaining 10 listed I think I win the game. I think.

    If anyone would like to armory me, I can't post links but you can look for Monori-Hyjal Horde

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    Just got Aeonaxx this morning before work. Only one in zone, saw it flying around in the NW corner, surviving the heart failure was the hardest part.

    These outdoor rares remind me of Stormfeather back in EQ

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    Had Mimiron's head drop twice in 20 minutes, I think I win this thread. #1 #2 being fgts flying together.

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