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    Cant believe it ... only 164 Sha kills.My first world boss mount.

    first time i've ever seen someone got that mount with the normal loot. not bonus looted.

    and also i got the felsteel annihilator mount after 54 attempts. saw it 4th times before this one means i saw it 5th times already. thanks to my friend in guild that traded me this mount.

    http: //imgur.com/a/azLsm

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    Got my 4th reward from the Paragon caches. Got the Cloudwing before this but forgot to make a post.

    My total Paragon chest count now sits at:
    Nightfallen: 32 (no mount)
    Valajar: 36 (no mount)
    Highmountain: 20 (mount on 20th chest)
    Dreamweavers: 19 (mount on 4th chest)
    Wardens: 33 (toy on 22nd chest)
    Court of Farondis: 18 (mount on 17th chest)
    Legionfall: 5 (no pet)

    Total: 163 chest, 4/7 rewards.
    Mount Count: 362. Newest addition: Cloudwing Hippogryph
    Pet Count: 850 (677 at Max Level)
    (Last updated 4/06/17)

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    Well, just obtained my 4th paragon mount!!

    Not sure how many caches it took, I never cared to count properly for Highmountain.

    Number: 382

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    In a heart of my wife...

    finally my hunt is over...rip Limr...and one day I Hope we will meet and be together again...sleep well till then...

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    MoP world mount, 2/4
    After 1,555 kills I finally got my Oon mount http://imgur.com/fz6MPZ6
    Still have Sha and Nalak to go

    I just realised that my timless coin bonus rolls will last twice as long! I hate farming on timeless so over it, winning.

    Edit: Haha, by reflex I still went to Oon on the next alt
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