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    What stat priority to have one set of gear for Affliction and Destro

    I like both Affliction and Destruction. Right now I've usually been using Destruction, and I've been relying on Ask Mr Robot to show me what to gem/enchant/reforge. However, what works for Destro doesn't work for Affliction (AMR has me looking for Crit, Affliction would have me going Mastery > Haste). I can't recall where I saw it but I once saw a decent strategy to be good with both with one set of gear instead of two. I think it was Hit > Mastery > Haste to a certain breakpoint but I can't remember said breakpoint.

    Can someone provide advice for a gearing strategy that would let me switch between Afflic and Destro and be good at both? I know that AMR for Affliction has a Hit Cap build that is Hit > Mastery > Haste > Crit so could I use that stat weight for both, or do I need to play around with custom stat weights to get it correct?

    I only raid casually, usually LFR and filling a spare spot sometimes for T14 clears and Jin'rokh so I know that I won't be able to maximize everything, but I'd like to switch between Affliction and Destruction without taking a major hit to either by fully gearing for the other.
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    For destro, all 3 stats are pretty close together. So reforge optimally for Affliction. With the meta gem, I think haste takes priority. So I would go with a haste build. Mastery is still good for afflic, but crits isn't. So I would go haste or mastery or a combination of both. It isn't going to be a significant difference anyway.
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    I often play haste heavy affliction, but dabble in destro every now and again, it's perfectly functional with affliction haste values (read; functional, not optimal), you should have no problem putting out competitive dps with it if you play well, be prepared to get frustrated at conflag taking incin below 1 sec cast time with meta gem procs / bl though, it's annoying as hell, but it's the price you'll have to pay if you don't want to reforge regularly.
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    haste is still valuable for single target dps well over the 10k haste mark for destro. problem is, there arent too many single target fights in ToT, so a heavy mastery build for destro tend to be better.

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