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    I REALLY want to know where I can buy this (need girls' opinoin)

    Hey guys,

    I am looking for these type of hairpins, especially the pink/red one and the blue one (which is kind of hidden)...

    You can see much more clearly in this video:

    What are they exactly called and where do I buy those? I want to buy them for my fiance/soon to be wife 'cause they look oh so darn cute as well as beautiful =). Anyone know?

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    Here is a shop on Etsy with some sample flower combs.


    (Search for hair combs, hair accessories, bridal or wedding hairpieces, hair combs with flowers, or hair pins with flowers, etc)

    Note, Etsy is like a large mall with lots of different shops, so be aware the variety is great, (there are 300,000 shops under the Etsy banner), and it is hard to navigate and find things. You will have to register an account before you can buy, but beyond that it's just like an other online shopping site.

    Try to review a shop before purchasing because there are some fakes and resellers types in amongst the good stuff. The site is supposed to highlight handmade, craft artists, but because it has become popular, the asian knock-offs are trying to muscle their way in.

    If it is too overwhelming you can visit the forums and ask for help there to find things. Just state you are new and need help to search the shops. You also might be able to find someone there to custom make what you need if you don't find something already made.

    Good luck.


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