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    Petless hunter is already available in game.

    Just dismiss your pet, and play 'hunter' as you like. /problem.

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    Shieldless warrior is also in the game. Just unequip your shield.

    "non-proc based" mage is also in the game. Just ignore all your procs.

    "Not doing raiding" is also in the game. Just follow any of this advice and see how fast you won't be raiding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyrantWave View Post
    Shieldless warrior is also in the game. Just unequip your shield.

    yeah they are called arms or fury warriors.

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    I love this logic. Time to turn my mage into a battle-mage by wailing on mobs with his sword.
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    No fun allowed.

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    diseaseless dk is already in the game... just...

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    There doesn't appear to be anything to discuss here. There is no reference to any class changes (that I can see), no links to a post of some sort, or a quote of a twitter/blue post. I'm going to close this here
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