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    Been out of the game, gear choices?


    Well, first of all, I haven't actually been out of the game (it hasn't let me go yet!). But, I did stop raiding for a few months so I missed most of T14 and the start of T15. Started raiding a bit again, joining a guild that's currently progressing through 10man ToT normal modes (9/12 atm).

    With the release of quite a lot of new gear for me, varying from valor gear to t14 raid drops, t15 raid drops and the upgrade system, I've been struggling a bit with managing my gear and choosing the best path to follow.

    I play a fire mage, and have no intentions of switching to a different spec until my crit levels rise. I'll have to make whatever I have work. I currently have the soft haste cap of just above 3k, am hit capped and putting everything else into crit/mastery. Here's a link to my armory.

    My real question, dumbed down, is this: What would be the ideal way for me to spend my weekly valor cap? (I have 1.5k vp atm) Taking into account that with a lot of options I'll most likely lose my T14 2set and/or my t15 2set, which both seem too powerful to lose.

    Last bits of relevant information: I'm revered with Shado-Pan Assault, and exalted with every other faction. Hoping to get my legendary head gem within a few lockouts. Gear wise, I have these lying around: LFR Venomlord's Totemic Wand, and a Normal mode Stonegaze Hood. (Noone wanted it. >.<) - And to close it off: I'm currently raiding T15 normal modes in a group with one other clothie that's already geared real high.

    Thanks so much, and sorry if this turned out to be way too long of a post!

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    Seeing as how you're 9/12 and your biggest question is VP usage, I'll break it down (assuming you truly mean JUST for Fire)

    1. Upgrade your weapon, especially if it's Normal or better.
    1a. Because you're a human, your BiS weapon is the (get ready for this) Spirit Crit SWORD from Jin'rohk. If your RL asks why, tell him because the 1% Expertise you get from it being a sword makes it better than any other weapon. Next would be the Haste Crit wand from Horridon (more ideal since the sword will go to any Holy Paladins first, probably)

    2. Upgrade your trinkets, but not if they're lower than 522 normally.
    2a. Cha-ye > Breath of the Hydra >= Wushoolay >> Light of the Cosmos >>> Volatile SPA trinket >> UVLS
    Wush and Breath is debatable about which one is better; it more or less comes down to gameplay.

    3. Buy the VP legs if you can't get a tier piece. It's Hit Crit and will last you until tier or Lei Shen legs (which are still inferior to tier).

    4. Buy the VP ring (Haste Crit). It's better until you have both Jin'rohk's Hit Crit ring and Iron Qon's Crit Mastery w/ Socket ring.

    5. Helm is your "WiS" tier piece. Horridon's helm is better. Don't let that stop you from obtaining your 4P set bonus though.

    6. Crit > Haste > Mastery. "Crit Hit" pieces are typically under "Crit Haste" pieces due to the easy capping on Hit.

    VP Upgrades list
    1. Weapon (both 1h and 2h)
    2. Legendary Cloak (If accessible)
    2a. Trinkets
    3. BiS pieces or stuff you won't be replacing for awhile (e.g., my tier legs are Heroic. I CANNOT receive better, so I upgraded it)
    --- NOTE: Thunderforged non-tier pieces can drop!
    4. Chest > Legs > Helm. These are all the top-tier armor pieces.
    5. Gloves > Shoulders > Belt > Boots. These are all the middle-tier armor pieces.
    6. Off-Hand, Bracers, Cloaks (EXCLUDING the Legendary iLevel 600 cloak!), Necklace, and Rings are the bottom tier stat pieces, and are all equal (unlike top and middle tier which have pieces better than others). These definitely come last. Prioritize based on #3 (I also wouldn't recommend upgrading these right away, even as BiS, unless you have free valor lying around)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsRedd View Post
    Thanks for that extremely useful reply, Dragon9870! I wasn't expecting so much great information, and I'll be sure to follow it thoroughly.

    Thanks again! Just amazing.
    Haha np :3

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