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    Legendary 6000 (now 3000) Valor quest

    So prior to 5.3 I had 3600, I assumed when I logged on I would have the achv.... achv says 3000/3000 though I don't have the option to hand it in.... Any 1 else with the same problem, and does any1 know what to do to fix it??


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    I read somewhere you'll need to earn some valor to actually finish the quest and hand it in

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    Not a problem. Blue posts stated multiple times that you will need to earn 1 VP for the achievement to refresh and complete

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    yep the blues said you would need to earn 1 valor to trigger it.

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    I had the same. just do 1 daily somewhere and you'll have it.
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    While 1 daily is not much asked, but still it freaks me out.

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    You don't have to do a daily if you hate them that much - my alt triggered theirs by doing a scenario. Any valor method would do

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    Just that a daily quest like the "free that idiot golden lotus pandaren from the Mogu at the gate in the Vale" takes about 20 seconds to complete and a scenario takes 5-10 minutes
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    do a daily if your on 3k? :P

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    Plant a Carrot on your farm .. that must be like the fastest daily in game?

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