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    Legendary 6000 (now 3000) Valor quest

    So prior to 5.3 I had 3600, I assumed when I logged on I would have the achv.... achv says 3000/3000 though I don't have the option to hand it in.... Any 1 else with the same problem, and does any1 know what to do to fix it??


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    I read somewhere you'll need to earn some valor to actually finish the quest and hand it in

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    Not a problem. Blue posts stated multiple times that you will need to earn 1 VP for the achievement to refresh and complete

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    yep the blues said you would need to earn 1 valor to trigger it.

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    I had the same. just do 1 daily somewhere and you'll have it.
    Because I want to say this every single day but don't want it to get a drag:
    1) The ingame store will only sell timesaver items. It won't affect balance.
    2) No, getting to 100 in half the time isn't pay2win. raids don't start until the second week, everyone has time to get there.
    4) getting charms faster is also not pay2win. getting those is easy, but not everyone has the time or want for dailies.

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    While 1 daily is not much asked, but still it freaks me out.

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    You don't have to do a daily if you hate them that much - my alt triggered theirs by doing a scenario. Any valor method would do

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    Just that a daily quest like the "free that idiot golden lotus pandaren from the Mogu at the gate in the Vale" takes about 20 seconds to complete and a scenario takes 5-10 minutes
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    do a daily if your on 3k? :P

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    Plant a Carrot on your farm .. that must be like the fastest daily in game?

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