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    Heroic Durumu

    Anyone having problems with crimson fogs blowing up with people in the beams? Seems like a bug.

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    We are have major problems and keep wiping. They just keep despwaning
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    This is a bug currently. Sometimes an amber add will be revealed and instantly blow the raid up. It happens, and it sucks. A lot.

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    We had no problems with our kill tonight, but I know another guild that had a lot of issues with it.

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    Been having the same issues, came to make sure we weren't stupid. Fun times.
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    Make sure you're not putting the beam right on the edge of the add; if it moves off, the add explodes instantly.
    That's not it. We had it despawn while it was directly in the middle of the red beam multiple times in a row.

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    Posting to confirm the same issue with us as well.

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    Yep its definatly a bug, known issue. expect hotfix.

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    Yeah, it happened to us a couple times too.
    Here's the thread on the official forums:
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    This fixed yet? Gonna try either this or Primordius tomorrow depending on if it's still bugged.

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    Still got our first kill with the bug, not sure if it was there last week or not as we just started pulling it. If you're choosing between the two I'd probably go Prim depending on how much time you have for progression this week. Although Durumu really wasn't hard.

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    Had no problems n 10 difficulty this week.

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    It's not a big issue; I 'think' it exists as a bug as it 'happened' a few times during progression. However as we progressed and killed it, the 'bug' happened a lot less/never. Go figure... (10h)

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    Yeah its a random problem.. Sometimes its the first and sometimes its in the second wave.. we almost got the kill last night (second kill for us) and then we got blown up again.. big bug imho.. hope its solved on friday.. Tortos also had a weird bug with the adds.. But we solved that by letting our hunter feigned death the boss to despawn..

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    Blue said that it was fixed yesterday night (EU)

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    kept happenin to us last nite, we lost about an hour trying to kill it with red adds blowing, invisible yellow ads blowing... so frustrating!

    then we did a soft reset, re-cleared trash, and it was fine... dunno if we got lucky or not

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    We took a bit longer on him than normal, but most of that wasn't due to any fog add wackiness. I think maybe 2 out of the wipes were.

    Doesn't seem 100% fixed, but not enough to make it impossible.

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