View Poll Results: Which race's lore are yomost passionate about?

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  • Humans

    13 5.26%
  • Dwarves

    21 8.50%
  • Night Elves

    33 13.36%
  • Draenei

    17 6.88%
  • Gnomes

    6 2.43%
  • Worgen

    15 6.07%
  • Pandaren

    5 2.02%
  • Orcs

    25 10.12%
  • Trolls

    21 8.50%
  • Tauren

    10 4.05%
  • Goblins

    3 1.21%
  • Blood Elves

    42 17.00%
  • Forsaken

    36 14.57%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavoo View Post
    Trolls. Since I started playing the uniqueness of Warcraft Trolls got my eye. Now, everytime I see a different kind of Troll in fiction I frown upon.

    And I got really sad when they turned the Zandalari into "bad" guys. Knowing that the moment I meet Rastakhan will be to raid Zuldazar and kill my fellow Trolls makes me even sadder.
    Ghe same for me really, I love the unique take on trolls warcraft has
    I have the same thing with goblins, though to a lesser extent. (they are still small and annoying, but now with more 'splosions and corporate greed!)

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    A tie between human lore and night elf lore for me.
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    Here's a short list of reasons why:
    -Voodoo and Mojo
    -Cannibalism (common practice)
    -They have a Jamaican accent.
    -Too cool for shoes.
    -One of the oldest races on Azeroth.
    -Very loyal to their tribes and allies.
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    Mostly Orc ,Tauren & Troll , been that way since WarCraft 3 <3 ( But the Ancients Stuff , Night Elves and so on is very interesting too)
    You could say the General Universe in wich Warcraft takes place is an interesting one
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    Forsaken, night elves and blood elves are the only races that I find interesting.

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    Dwarves, followed by Forsaken.

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    From a pure lore standpoint, the Forsaken are by far the most interesting playable race to me. The only other races that really catch my interest are Blood Elves, Worgen and Orcs. Blood Elves are kind of akin to the Forsaken, through their curse and exile, and of course through Sylvanas. Worgen are another cursed Human state, similar but opposite of the Forsaken, the only Alliance race that appeals to me lorewise. And Orcs were previously cursed by the Legion, and I love their battle themed culture. They remind me of Saiyans. But still, the Forsaken are far and away the most interesting to me. I love zombies!

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    You can tell where Blizzard has accomplished well in their lore by looking at which races have the most votes: Blood elves, Night elves, Forsaken, Orcs, Trolls and Dwarves. This should also serve as a clear indicator that Blizzard needs to focus more on the other races without leaving their best sellers to wallow.

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    has to be the orcs. Many view them as evil or savage - when really they are not. They are very proud and honorable people who just want a home they can live in after theres was destroyed.

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    my favorites

    blood elves

    unfortunatly pandaren cant be dk and blood elves cant be alliance so i have to play as a worgen

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    then nightelf lore, but not malfurion / tyrande stuff, more general stuff with somewhat unknown characters :3

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    Blood Elves. Ever since WC3 Kael'thas and Illidan have been my absolute favorite characters within the Warcraft lore. Even with Kael'thas gone, I'm happy that Lor'themar Theron is finally getting some attention, loving everything about him so far in MoP.

    Can hardly wait for Illidan's return either, hopefully he won't be a villain this time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaozu View Post
    Blood Elves. Ever since WC3 Kael'thas and Illidan have been my absolute favorite characters within the Warcraft lore. Even with Kael'thas gone, I'm happy that Lor'themar Theron is finally getting some attention, loving everything about him so far in MoP.

    Can hardly wait for Illidan's return either, hopefully he won't be a villain this time...
    considering they keep talking about wanting to redeem him i dont think he will be a villain, atleast not for long, might come back as a villain and then he becomes a good guy or something idk

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    Honestly, I would pick all of them but I like very much more:

    Pandarens: Their story, their life concept, the wandering Island and Lui Lang...(they deserve more love... )
    Orcs: Since Warcraft 2 exp, I really love to see different orcs than "Tolkien-like" ones..
    Taurens: Their "Earth Mother" and her eyes, Musha & An'She,...
    Worgen: Scythe of Elune, the Worgen Curse, Gilneas,...

    But, for some reason, I'm not surprise than Blood & Night elves are the most famous, but damn I can't stand Elves....

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    Orcs 10 chars

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    None of the choices. I care about high elf lore first, draenei lore as second and then the rest of alliance races' lore.

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    Dwarves for sure, a kingdom under a mountain, magni turned to diamond, the council, a female leader that actually has more personality than being a dudes romance figure. They are the creations of the titans that care about their history and delving into it. That combines together to make these really interesting people that are more than the typical drunk scotsmen of most fantasy games and the rare moments when they get lore its almost always interesting stuff.

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    I have a few, personally.

    I never thought I'd be saying this when I first heard about Mists of Pandaria, but atm, I'd have to say the Pandaren definitely qualify. I just love the whole Pandaria and Wandering Isles plotlines, the way the thinking is, "What if an alien, peaceful, and somewhat innocent race had to enter the Alliance and Horde's universe and deal with them?". Many major Pandaren characters come across as being likeable to me (Chen Stormsnout, Lorewalker Cho) and as harsh as he can be, I just really find it hard not to agree with the way Taran Zhu feels. On that note, they also have a really big variation in personality amongst individual NPCs (as opposed to most of the other races where at least 70% of the race strongly fits one basic personality "stereotype").

    I also really like the Tauren. They have a lot of things going on for them, from their Indian feel to their hunting culture to their Druids and Shamans, and I think the Sunwalkers were a really interesting twist in Cataclysm. Plus, Baine Bloodhoof is a really overlooked character in general - I'm surprised he hasn't come to light more in the game, especially since he seems just as opposed to this "new" Horde as Vol'jin. It's kind of a shame their starting zone quests are so boring...

    And I have to admit I do like the Trolls and the Night Elves too. Vol'jin gets a lot of points for having the guts to rebel against Garrosh, and their dialects & voodoo vibes kind of strike a chord with me. I also really like the Night Elves' beauty and their whole fighting for nature clique a lot, although they do have kind of a tainted history.

    I personally don't get what everyone likes about Blood Elves, I find most of them to be hateful, vainglorious, borderline psychopaths who blame everyone but themselves for their miserable existence. I WANTED to like them, because they have suffered hardships, and the females are hot (), but let's just say that lorewise my heart totally lies with the Silver Covenant.
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    Can't chose, its impossible for me.

    Orc: I love those guys, the lore, since the minute I first played Wc2 and it only grew.
    I forever will remember the End Cinematic of the Orc campaign in Warcraft 3.

    Tauren: My first character was a Tauren, the tribes, the culture, they are just a very interesting race and they are a part of the Horde.

    Troll: The Trolls are the oldest race on Azeroth, they are everywhere, Vol'jin and his father Sen'jin guided the Darkspear to the horde, they are a part of the Lore for a damn long time and I want to see them continue.

    Dwarfs: Probably my most favorite race in the Warcraft Universe, they are simply awesome, the building, the mountain, the pride, the smiths, the bronzebeards and wildhammer were always my favorite units / characters in the MMO and RPG.

    I couldn't chose only one, never.
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