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    [Ret] Anyone else got the feeling...

    That we didn't get a damage increase?

    I've been doing my weekly valor-LFR-run and I can't seem to detect any increase in my damage....

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    Definitely noticeable to me. I upgraded 3 items as well, including a weapon, but I really feel the increase.
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    You are doing something wrong if you don't notice the increase. Are you playing on a private server? lol

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    I haven't upgraded anything yet. I went to complete a quest for the Test of Valor n when I was DPSing two mobs, I did a Divine Storm that wasn't empowered by any trinket procs, only Inquisition. Prepatch i'd only see 100k+ with trinkets, now I crit them for 149k.
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    I also felt a significant increase. Topped meters on Jinrok, granted I was getting tricks but I felt a lot higher on the melee dps totem pole. I felt like I did alright on Horridon too, but again I was getting tricks. Sat for the rest of the bosses last night for people who needed the gear, but I'll see how it feels tonight on some of the later bosses. It does feel like a significant increase though.

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    Passive damage changes can be hard to notice at times. But it most certainly is there.
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    Part of it is obviously my upgraded gear (3k vp worth of upgrades), but I was able to out dps our rogue and DK for the first time this tier last night, so it felt noticeable to me.

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    yep same here definatly increase went from being 5th to 7th in raid to 1st to 3rd

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    Being 1st in random hcs as long as there is no uber geared mage or lock.

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    I also have the impression that my DPS increased, even without upgrades. granted, I've only been able to test in 1 scenario and on a few individual mobs, but I feel an increase.
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    We DID in fact receive a buff.

    As people have stated, it might be harder to see but it's there! We're all feeling it!

    Since there is not much more room for discussion I'll close this. If you have any further questions or concerns I'd take it to the existing Ret Threads! Thanks!
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