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    Leveling a Bard/Tactician

    I really like the look of the Bard/Tactician build, but I only ever see it as a max level construct and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knows of a guide to leveling the build.

    I've been running around as a Ranger and I'm getting bored with it, so I picked up a second role and want to give the Bard a try.

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    Get everything in tec/bard that give you + to torrent damage (+cast/channel damage, +aoe damage, +non-physical damage).

    Forst torrent
    Fire torrent
    repeat till mobs is on 30% hp

    Spam necro torrent.


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    I thought tactician was fun until I hit 50. Once I hit 50 the step up was insane, probably a gear issue. If I pulled more than 1 maybe 2 mobs I was dead. I was talking to a guildy and he suggested a Nightblade/Assassin/Riftstalker build. I haven't looked back

    Whatever the build I would reccomend 8 in Riftstalker for that heal when you kill a mob (forget name)

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    The outgoing damage and health on mobs basically triples from level 50 to 51. Almost anything is viable before then, after that it gets a little tougher.

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    Go Tactician and then pvp, the damage output is insane, and if the other team huddles up..they´re in for a very bad time.
    It´s more of a DPS soul than Support, atleast early on.

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    I just started back up on RIFT yesterday (got some free time and Neverwinter is sucking hardcore) and ive been running the NB/SIN/RS build and its rather fun. Being able to be level 48 and kill level 50's while not dying a lot is always a blast.

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    Hello all.

    Trying rift for a few days and im leveling a rogue hunter, sitting now at level 18 only.

    Quick question: Would ranger for leveling and marksman for instance would be nice options ? Can anyone have some builds for them ? At the moment, i just go with the flow of the talents, but would like something more serious.

    Thanks !

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    It depends on your prefered playstyle Marex. If you are wanting to play a pure ranged class, then Ranger leveling and MM instances would be a good option, but I believe ranger may have been nerfed lately?

    If you check out the RIFT guides section you can find some nice guides and builds there to cover just about everything.

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