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    Quote Originally Posted by UcanDoSht View Post
    Still dont know why HS news arent treated like D3/SC2 news - AS FCKN ONE LINER.
    I'm not sure if you remember, but major D3 news also got a single post, just like Hearthstone. After this it won't appear very often anymore, only for very major things.

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    Hearthpwn is blocked at my work as a potentially dangerous site. Did they pick it up from a sitter, or do they use sketchy advertisers?

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    HS crap? Kill it with fire. I got to MMOchamps to know about MMOs. Go home failmagicwannabe

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    After reading HearthPwn i was thinking about hardporn for a moment.

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    That really is a terrible name for a site, and the logo looks like Hearthporn, as others have said.

    Should have put in a bit more work into a name, and more time into a better logo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UcanDoSht View Post
    Still dont know why HS news arent treated like D3/SC2 news - AS FCKN ONE LINER.

    What do you think the dedicated website is for? This is the main reason behind the launch.

  7. #27 long as a) you don't put on the MMO-Champ front page "tie in" Hearthfire news that link to "hearthporn" page articles, and b) you're JUST going to put Hearthfire news on MMO-Champ when it effects or applies DIRECTLY to the WoW game (ie. TCG pets, mounts, loot, ect...) we're fine. :P

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    That's a really bad name.

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    Loving the fact we have a site dedicated to Hearthstone, however, that logo (sorry to be negative ) looks really awful ;/

    And for once I actually agree with the others here, it reads like Hearthporn at first glance.

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    Heartporn website is a bit ugly imo. Far worst than either MMO-C or diablofans (only two curse site I visit).

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    I would be interested in it.....if it was like a combination of Triple Triad and Magic the Gathering/Yu-Gi-Oh

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    I'm sorry to say, but I first read it as "Hearth porn" too. =/

    And that logo needs some additional work on it; that "w" doesn't fit well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    I'm not sure if you remember, but major D3 news also got a single post, just like Hearthstone. After this it won't appear very often anymore, only for very major things.
    We're taking you to task on this one :P

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    So I see Curse is getting into Warcraft erotica.

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    That is one ugly ass website and one ugly ass name. Realy? can't do better?

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    A website for this should be especially helpful, though it might just work better in wiki form if there's not enough news. I think there's already a couple of wikis out there though, would imagine Curse owns one of them. Hearthpwn is kind of an appropriate name considering it's mostly a "PVP" game. I was a hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! player back in the day and I think I might have used the word pwned more than a handful of times during matches.

    The logo does need a rework. Saw hearthporn at first too.
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    the W in pwn looks like a combination of the drunk octopus hook + disney font, together they create Hearthporn. Honestly, change the name, terrible logo too.

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    So having all that info in a place will be helpful to people, so that's a positive aspect. The name of the site and logo... oh well... you still have time to sort that out, I guess.
    The game itself seems way too linear and simple... seems that skill will have a very low % of importance and it will be more about what deck you have plus being lucky on drawing the right cards. So I guess it will be more appealing to people that never played tcg's before since the rules are very straight forward. I think the Forge may be a bit more interesting because there you have the decision factor that is what normally made drafts and sealed deck events so popular in other tcg's. I will still try it and help on beta if I get in just to have a breath of fresh air from other games.
    For someone that spoke before about MGT/YU-GI-OH combo with other games, the only card game I see being similar and having the same degree of difficulty with hard rules like in MGT will probably be Hex... so for people that like harder stuff you can keep an eye in that game, I think beta may come in the end of this year.

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    Really PWN!? Tasteless, could've done much better on the name imo. I like Arcane Dust personally. How did they get the full list of cards if it hasn't been made public? Datamining Alpha Client (Pretty sure that's VERY frowned upon by Blizzard, esp for an unreleased game) no NDA?? Blizzard Leak?
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    Like some have said when I first saw it I though it said HearthPorn.

    Also All the data you got must be from data mining the alpha client if so there may also be a NDA out and if you didn't get a OK from blizzard they will shut it down.

    Really should check and see if there is a NDA out as most Alpha builds and Close Beta's have one.
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