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    How to make/transfer money from one realm to another.

    Hi this thread should be useful to those who has of Characters in many realms and usually don't play them! IF you have gold there you can transfer them to your main characters bags Or if you Play on low populated Realm where AH resources have Higher price compared to realms you have your ALTs this way is a good one to Farm Gold!

    Pets! These little dudes are first way in Game that allows you to transfer money into another realm! Or Farm Gold from one realm to another!

    If you have Gold on your Alt you can buy out Pets from AH so that you spend all your money and then you can sell this Pets in you Main Characters AH, prices will be slightly different.
    1.You will lose small amount of money if you play on High Populated realm as Resources are cheaper there! but its better then nothing. By this way you will manage all your gold in one Characters bags. Doesnt matter what Faction you are or where you play as Pets are sharable Account wide.
    2. If you play on Low populated realms you will obviously gain Some profit from selling Pets in AH! My friend always does this on his realm (Sunstrider [Normal realm]), he farms some gold on Highly populated realm buys pets and sells in better price on this Mains realm! There's like 50-300 gold difference in Prices.

    This trick I have learned from my Friend (As i dont play WoW YET for some reasons) and would like to share with you MMO.

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    When you figure out a nice trick to help your "gameplay", there's a second secret you need to know...

    Maybe blizz knows about this way to transfer gold or maybe they don't,
    but you sure as heck don't go advertising it all over.This is how nerfs happen.
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    I would be glad if I have played my role in Fixing/Nerfing things in Game honestly

    War is deception, a game played best from the shadows!

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