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    Tooltips on the Hearthstone forum!

    So if you've watched the frontpage you must have noticed Curse launched Hearthpwn.com and with it came the first datamined from official sources card db AND more importantly usuable tooltips on these very forums. They work the same way as the wowdb ones you are maybe used to from the rest of the forum. Simply:

    1) go to the Hearthpwn card database: http://www.hearthpwn.com/cards
    2) Find the card you need
    3) Copy the URL of the page
    4) Link the url in your post in the regular way

    And this is what you get: http://www.hearthpwn.com/cards/670-bane-of-doom one of the more awesome new additions, I myself found.

    Have a look yourself and tell me which awesome cards you found in there!

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    I like you

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    I don't get it? You get an ugly link of a card? Okay...
    My nickname is "LDEV", not "idev".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldev View Post
    I don't get it? You get an ugly link of a card? Okay...
    Hmm, not sure what went wrong. Lemme check a few things.



    Okay something definitely got messed up here. Going to ask around and see if I can get this solved.

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    The problem with the tooltips is still being worked on, but there should be a solution somewhere down the line. Will update here when things are back in action.

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    Tooltips are working again! Not sure when the fix went through, but it's working again.

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    These tooltip links don't work.

    eg. Repair Bot

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    Does anyone know if this can or will be fixed again?
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