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    Full screen map vs. Minimized map.

    Been playing around with my map a bit, and I've been wondering which map people prefer, the full-screen map or the minimized.
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    Can't do anything while the full-screen map is open, so I always keep it smaller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivin View Post
    Can't do anything while the full-screen map is open, so I always keep it smaller.
    I'm the opposite. Can't see anything on the map in the small version, so I keep it full screen and "screenshot" it into my mind.

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    I use both I guess? Unless I'm understanding the question wrong.

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    I keep it minimized all the time. It actually bothers me when it's full, especially in BGs.

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    Minimized because I like to be able to walk while looking at the map (without running into something and getting stuck).

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    Full screen, Makes it feel more realistic for me.
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    Carbonite Map.
    Allows me to look at the large scale map area, and zoom right into settlements etc.
    you can also set it to full screen or stretched minimap. Although I very rarely switch to full screen map anymore.

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    minimized! it's nice being able to see where I'm going whilst still actually moving !

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    Minimized especially if I have a quest in the area otherwise it's pretty much the same size.

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    Minimized, since I can still perform actions while the map is open. I'll full screen it if I have to see something more closely, but I much prefer to not have to stop everything to look at it.

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