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    Brawlers guild bug

    2+ people in the arena, how does that happen?
    Happend me like 3 times today
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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    I heard about a bug you could make happen with the Sacrificial Dagger from an Isle of Thunder rare. No idea how or what, but I'm sure it'll get fixed soon =P

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    ty'thar fight, use a "dodge" when u shold be teleported out.

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    My take is that it's not a bug and actually intended. There's another post on here somewhere that goes into detail about it, but it's called a "bar fight".

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    Got it once when I was spamming Disruptron before 5.3. Got teleported to the arena, like 3 seconds after got joined by another player, another 3 seconds and another player.

    Needless to say I didn't kill him that time, but the WTF feeling was great.

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    been happening to me every once in a blue moon since 5.1 either it is a bug they haven't bothered to fix or an intended and super frustrating mechanic.
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    My take is that it's not a bug and actually intended. There's another post on here somewhere that goes into detail about it, but it's called a "bar fight".
    Isn't that when 2 ppl are fighting thier own boss at the same time in the arena, as I've understood from previous coments there 2 ppl are cooperating.

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    Once i almost died in Brawlers guild and another player joined in with his boss, and his boss was like one of the first of brawlers, and that one died and i got ported out and it got counted as a kill, sweet for me x)
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    That happened a lot when the Brawler's Arena first started, probably for the first week or so. A guildie got credit for a kill they shouldn't have, other's didn't get credit. I'm sure they will fix it soon enough.

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    Seemingly there is a bug where if you use a specific item whilst fighting, it allows the next in queue to start their fight, and the previous person gets kill credit if the new person kills their boss.

    Folks were discussing it in /s on our realm today.. needless to say best bet is not to try it!

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