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    can i link simcraft results to a friend?

    as the title says is it possilbe to link simcraft results to friends.

    not sure i posted this thread in right place.

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    Not that I know of. Maybe there's a way you could Print Screen and show them that.

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    You can't show the whole page unless you take a screenshot and upload it to a website (that's what I do).

    If you want just a simple graph, right click it copy link address. All those graphs are uploaded to a google document or something. It's annoying to link all of them since the URLs are so huge, though.

    But really, I suggest taking a screenshot. Easiest thing by far if you're doing more than 4 graphs.

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    Oh I lied. I only take screenies if I'm showing a bunch of people. If it's one friend I just take a picture with my phone and text it to them lol. (Seriously.)

    Looking for graphic artists and one sound composer. PM me for details. (No pressure. Despite what the above post is like, I'm actually a nice guy.)

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    ok guys thanks alot

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    Are we talking about this ?
    After simulation press save and upload the file (600Kb)
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    Save the file, open it with notepad (or alike) and copypaste its content to an html hosting site, such as http://pastehtml.com/

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