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Thread: Blood DK trinks

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    Blood DK trinks

    So I was Blood for EN but took a break and the guild found a new tank so when I came back I had to roll Frost and start gearing that, fast forward to last week and the other tank bounced on us so I had to go Blood again. Only problem is my Blood trinkets were never amazing, well one is good, I usually run 865 Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor with socket and 885 socket speed Memento of Angerboda which used to be fine for me. The problem arises on NH bosses, especially Tich with the 6 blood strat, because a lot of them just destroy me. The only other trinkets I have are an 875 Horn of Valor, 870 Claw of the Crystalline Scropid, and 860 Eye of Command none of which seem to appealing. Basically what trinket should I look for to pair with the Memento? Honestly I want a convergence of fate so I can use it in Frost but it does me no good in Blood so I need something to use until we get a new tank.

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    Feel free to read the other thread on the first page in this Forum :|


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