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    Helm question - Mythic vs Heroic WF

    I am Unholy and have been using Heroic warforged Lava Dipped Greathelm and I just received Mythic Hardened Greathelm from my cache.

    Stats on the Lava dipped are:
    +295 str
    +163 crit
    +216 multi

    Stats on the Hardened helm are:
    +321 str
    +220 vers
    +203 mastery

    I dont trust sims 100% because it says haste is my number 2 stat, but it is saying a minor 100 dps increase to use the Hardened helm. What would you guys use? Kinda torn here. Maybe switch to the mastery helm on AOE fights? Bear in mind I usually run NP on all fights currently.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Hardened greathelm should be better and a 100 dps upgrade seems reasonable due to the lava-dipped having a better itemization but the incrased amount of stats makes up for that. You generally don't see huge number pushes from single armor upgrades, especially not for 9 ilvl. Even upggrading hc to mythic trinkets is in the range of 1,5-2% so probably somewhere around 800 dps +/- a bit depending on the rest of your gear and trinkets are with weapons the biggest upgrades you can get.

    Depending on your current gear haste can be your second best stat until you reach a certain value, you simply have to keep in mind that ams soaking in the sim can differ from your real ams soaking and therefore be more frequent or less frequent, changing the value of haste. I personally take haste as my third best stat after MS and mastery.


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    Hi Cannibaal.

    Haste is our number 2 stat only when we Sim a patchwerk style fight (There are no Patchwerk fights in BRF. Gruul? Oregorger?). You can run simulationcraft in other types of fights, like Light movement, 3 targets, etc, and then take an average stat weight to compare items.

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