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    Any good rotation helper for Frost DK ?

    Ive found Chesder Man's profile for Frost DK to be missing some key features like pooling RP for Breath etc.

    So im looking for alternative addons/stuff that got a proper Frost DK rotation in it.

    Can someone help ?

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    Try my string:

    ^1^T^SVersion^N83302 ^SNumGroups^N3 ^STextureName^SRound ^SGroups^T ^N1^T ^SScale^N1.3624119758606 ^SRole^N1 ^SPoint^T ^Sy^F-8952027100035725 ^f-48^Sx ^F-5278940704735678^f-46 ^t^SEnabledSpecs^T ^N250^b ^N252^b ^t^SGUID^STMW:group:1Oo3qJx3vl8Y ^SColumns^N2 ^SName^SROTATION ^SIcons^T ^N1^T ^SType^Smeta ^SIcons^T ^N1^STMW:icon:1OuoBFXVfmYi ^N2^STMW:icon:1OuoBFXgC3R7 ^N3^STMW:icon:1OuoBFXqSqG5 ^N4^STMW:icon:1OuoBFXcp8qZ ^N5^STMW:icon:1OvFf0wko8lQ ^N6^STMW:icon:1OvFGJdrAaHf ^t^SEnabled^B ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N2^T ^SType^Smeta ^SIcons^T ^N1^STMW:icon:1Oo4OAOZxm=M ^N2^STMW:icon:1OoB66qreDjR ^N3^STMW:icon:1OuywPihcpCM ^N4^STMW:icon:1OoB66qoIOGb ^N5^STMW:icon:1Oo427KIlf5n ^t^SEnabled^B ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N3^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N4^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^t^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SREACT ^SUnit^Starget ^SLevel^N1 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^t^N2^T ^SGUID^STMW:group:1Oo3qNM3qy2B ^SScale^F4909060646240249 ^f-51^SRows ^N4^SRole ^N1^SIcons ^T^N1^T ^SType^Scooldown ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SOperator^S> ^SName^SBreath~`of~`Sindragosa ^t^N2^T ^SType^SBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SName^SHungering~`Rune~`Weapon ^t^N3^T ^SType^SRUNIC_POWER_ABS ^SOperator^S<= ^SLevel^N60 ^t^Sn^N3 ^t^SName^SHungering~`Rune~`Weapon ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OuywPihcpCM ^SEnabled^B ^SEvents^T ^N1^T ^SType^SAnimations ^SAnimation^SACTVTNGLOW ^SEvent^SOnShow ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STexts^T ^N1^S ^N2^S ^t^t^t^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N2^T ^SType^Scooldown ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SSPELLCD ^SOperator^S> ^SLevel^N50 ^SName^SBreath~`of~`Sindragosa ^t^N2^T ^SType^SSPELLCD ^SOperator^S> ^SAndOr^SOR ^SName^SEmpower~`Rune~`Weapon ^SLevel^N50 ^t^Sn^N2 ^t^SName^SPillar~`of~`Frost ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OoB66qoIOGb ^SEnabled^B ^SEvents^T ^N1^T ^SType^SAnimations ^SAnimation^SACTVTNGLOW ^SEvent^SOnShow ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N3^T ^SType^Scooldown ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SRUNIC_POWER_ABS ^SOperator^S>= ^SLevel^N50 ^t^N2^T ^SType^SSPELLCD ^SName^SEmpower~`Rune~`Weapon ^t^N3^T ^SType^SSPELLCD ^SName^SPillar~`of~`Frost ^t^Sn^N3 ^t^SName^SBreath~`of~`Sindragosa ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OoB66qreDjR ^SEnabled^B ^SEvents^T ^N1^T ^SType^SAnimations ^SAnimation^SACTVTNGLOW ^SEvent^SOnShow ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N4^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scooldown ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SOperator^S> ^SName^SPillar~`of~`Frost ^t^N2^T ^SType^SDEBUFFSTACKS ^SUnit^Starget ^SLevel^N5 ^SName^SRazorice ^t^Sn^N2 ^t^SName^SSindragosa's~`Fury ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1Oo427KIlf5n ^SShowTimerText^B ^SEnabled^B ^SEvents^T ^N1^T ^SType^SAnimations ^SAnimation^SACTVTNGLOW ^SEvent^SOnShow ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N5^T ^SUnit^Starget ^SType^Scast ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1Oo4OAOZxm=M ^SEnabled^B ^SInterruptible^B ^SCustomTex^S47528 ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SSPELLCD ^SName^SMind~`Freeze ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^t^N6^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scooldown ^SName^SHowling~`Blast ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OuoBFXVfmYi ^SEnabled^B ^SClockGCD^B ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SDEBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SUnit^Starget ^SName^SFrost~`Fever ^t^N2^T ^SType^SBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SOperator^S> ^SAndOr^SOR ^SName^SRime ^t^Sn^N2 ^t^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^SColor^Sffb42828 ^SAlpha^N1 ^t^N4^T ^t^t^SRangeCheck^B ^t^N7^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scooldown ^SName^SFrost~`Strike ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OuoBFXqSqG5 ^SEnabled^B ^SClockGCD^B ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SName^SBreath~`of~`Sindragosa ^t^N2^T ^SType^SRUNIC_POWER_ABS ^SOperator^S>= ^SLevel^N70 ^t^Sn^N2 ^t^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^SColor^Sffb42828 ^SAlpha^N1 ^t^N4^T ^t^t^SRangeCheck^B ^t^N8^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scooldown ^SInvertCBar^B ^SName^SObliterate ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OuoBFXcp8qZ ^SEnabled^B ^SClockGCD^B ^SRangeCheck^B ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^SColor^Sffb42828 ^SAlpha^N1 ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N9^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scooldown ^SName^SRemorseless~`Winter ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OuoBFXgC3R7 ^SClockGCD^B ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^SEnabled^B ^t^N10^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scooldown ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SName^SBreath~`of~`Sindragosa ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SName^SFrost~`Strike ^SManaCheck^B ^SEnabled^B ^SClockGCD^B ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OvFf0wko8lQ ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^SColor^Sffb42828 ^SAlpha^N1 ^t^N4^T ^SAlpha^N0 ^t^t^SRangeCheck^B ^t^N11^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scooldown ^SShowTimerText^B ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1OvFGJdrAaHf ^SName^SObliterate ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N2^T ^SAlpha^N0.5 ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^SEnabled^B ^t^N12^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N13^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N14^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N15^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N16^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N17^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N18^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N19^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N20^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N21^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N22^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N23^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N24^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N25^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N26^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N27^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N28^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N29^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N30^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N31^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N32^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N33^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N34^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N35^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^t^SEnabledSpecs^T ^N250^b ^N252^b ^t^SPoint^T ^Sy^F6907044124238234 ^f-47^Sx ^F8458705087496189^f-48 ^Spoint^SLEFT ^SrelativePoint^SLEFT ^t^SColumns^N5 ^SAlpha^N0 ^SName^SHIDDEN ^t^N3^T ^SGUID^STMW:group:1OoQKdteGCaZ ^SScale^F5304205690535914 ^f-52^STextureName ^SSmooth^SPoint ^T^Sy^F-6419524586771432 ^f-45^Sx ^N-38.301877370542^t ^SView^Sbar ^SColumns^N1 ^SIcons^T ^N1^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scast ^SBarDisplay_ClassColor^B ^SShowTimerText^B ^STimerBar_EnableColors^B ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^SEnabled^B ^SBarDisplay_Invert^B ^t^N2^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N3^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N4^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N5^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N6^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N7^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N8^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N9^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N10^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N11^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N12^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N13^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N14^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N15^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^t^SName^SCAST ^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sbar^T ^SSizeX^F6094218753736689 ^f-45^SPadding ^N2^t ^t^t^N4^T ^SIcons^T ^N1^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N2^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N3^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^N4^T ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^t^t^t^t^t^N83302^S~`~| ^Sprofile^SAvarath~`-~`Stormrage ^^

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    If you've used TMW or WA, I'd suggest building your own. It will allow you to tweak it to your likes and give you a better knowledge of what you should be doing when. Plus, as you find cool things to do, or things you want to make sure you do in fights, you can update your stuff on the fly.

    I personally use TMW as I find it easier to jump into and get something going, but if you really get awesome at WA you can do some amazing stuff.

    Watch his series starting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8AI3jvs7wI

    The 3 part series takes around 30 mins to get all the major things down. Once you get that far you have most of the tips you need to make something awesome.
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