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    I like bat mounts.

    U.S. Server!!

  2. #10042
    Of course they would make such a bad ass mount come from the Blizzard store...

    On that note, Let me get one! (US server)

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    I need this. For...fashion. US server, please.

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    US server here

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    lets see if I'm lucky even once

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    Here's my comment. Mathematically speaking my chances are low, but hey, its worth the try.

    Forgot to say, my server is US

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    oohh i want one, US server.

  8. #10048
    Nice mount! EU

  9. #10049
    Very nice of you folks to give these out, the bat looks awesome!

    US servers.

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  11. #10051
    Please give me the mount!!!! US servers here, thanks!!

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    Holy Crap these look awesome!

    US Server here!

  13. #10053
    Looks good and will help the task to get to 200 mounts. US servers here.

  14. #10054
    US Server and thanks!

  15. #10055
    Count me in. I'm on US.

  16. #10056
    I want one! Gimme! US Server ..Thanks if I win!

  17. #10057
    EU server wants this!

  18. #10058
    Would love to have a bat mount!
    US servers

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