1. #13041
    I'm Batbear!
    I mean, I wanna be a bear on a bat!
    Err... Give mount please?

    US Realms!

  2. #13042
    Woot nice flying BAT!!!
    I am on EU server.

  3. #13043
    on the US servers and hoping for a bit of luck

  4. #13044
    Reply for consest.

  5. #13045
    Sure wouldn't mind this mount!
    Playing on the EU servers.

  6. #13046
    Yay bat-ness! Yes plx :3 I'm an EU server bunny

  7. #13047
    Im a good boy, EU

  8. #13048
    I'd love one of these mounts! Perenolde US! MMO-Champion Rules!

  9. #13049
    Love this mount, consider me entered; US Server.

  10. #13050
    Hi people, reporting for the contest! EU server, Archimonde!

  11. #13051
    I would also love to get one of these mounts. Cho'Gall US.

  12. #13052
    I want that bat!

    US Server!

  13. #13053
    Incredible detail, feel, and presence. Although it can't walk, still far too tempting to pass.

    I play on the US realms.

  14. #13054
    This mount looks amazing US server

  15. #13055

  16. #13056

  17. #13057
    Want this mount!
    EU server

  18. #13058
    Forgot to mention that im on US!

  19. #13059
    Nice mount! US Server!

  20. #13060
    Mount looks cool, though I wish it was the color changing one.

    US server.

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