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    Very far in the post. Im a US player and I would love to get my hands on a bat mount finally. Been wanting one since I saw troll druids.

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    Jul 2010
    San Diego, CA - USA


    I'd love one...US Server player here

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    Go, go, gadget bat mobile!

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    Playin' on EU yes! c:

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    I really hope i win this, i was hoping to buy a character transfer instead! US Server!

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    batty, you better be mine! Eu /roll

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    Really cool looking mount!

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    Doubt it will do any good, but US server

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    US player here.

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    Excited to see it in game. Is that dragonhawk or proto drake model? US-Cenarion Circle!

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    hellow im from the eu :P

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    From a US realm

  13. #14853
    Reporting for duty from the US!

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    Can I have? US

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    Mount me please.

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    I play on the US servers and made it in time to post!

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    I'd like a Mount please
    US Server

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    Great mount! I'm from US bleeding hollow goodluck all!

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    I would really love one of these, US

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    Posting reply for mount give away. US server.

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