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    I think that's the best blizzard store mount yet. I hope I win cuz I would never buy one.

    US server

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    EU Server <3

    This Mount is like Batman, raising his own personal Batwing <3

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    *makes grabby hands* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant......so badass!
    play on US

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    Keyboard Turner Vondur's Avatar
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    Eu ftw! Eu ftw! Eu ftw!

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    It sure is purty. US.

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    US servers!

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    /bonus roll

    Azjol-Nerub (EU)

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    Hevnleet - US Server

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    would be awesome to have that as an alliance player

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    Yeah ok. Gimme bat. US server.

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    gief dat bat - EU batman

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    Heres a shot! US player

    Begging the world that the faerie dragon ISNT a store mount. Please make it hard to obtain!
    "Your $14.95 a month says you can play how you want... The rest of the raids $149.50/$358.80 says know your role."

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    Playing on US - servers. Hope I am lucky enough to win one!

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    give me !!!- US

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    yea buddy this is a nice lookin bat

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    good luck have batman (US)

  17. #10017
    A bat would be awesome. US Server.

  18. #10018


    Sadly i´m not rich and got parents so i can´t be batman give me a chance to ride one.
    EU Server

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    Hey i would LOVE that mount! =)
    EU Server

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    US server

    Just Pm me when its ready

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