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    What should i choose?

    I recently got the Normal Shin`ka from sha of fear, but i am using Rf zerat atm wich is fully upgraded, what is better to use, 504 Shin`ka with 500str and 160str or 510 zerat?

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    it's a close call, but I'd say Zerat is better. you'll have to sim it to know for sure though.

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    How much strength and top-end damage do you gain/lose by switching from Shin'ka to Zerat?

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    http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items...6699. is the comparison. he gains 277 DPS, 320 haste, 981 hit and 1196 topend, but loses 503 STR, 168 crit and 800 mastery.

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    I would imagine the huge top-end damage bump and the haste buff makes up for the strength and mastery loss.

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