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    SPOILER?? Sky Claw's recipe along with the other engineer items drop location FOUND!

    Sky Claw recipe resource book found! from the SHA MANIFESTATIONS not the smaller ones!




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    It's probably a random Pandaria drop.

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    Strange they said they were going to redesign that as it caused too many bugs lol

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    They are world drops, you didn't find the "location" for it. Don't feel special.
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    i thought the Sky claw was scrapped as the model had way to many bugs?

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    its probably a placeholder for the new engineering mount they'd make
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    well its prolly a world drop but i don't see it being off level 85-89 mobs.... and the sha's in 5.4 are mainly the most known 90's in THIS patch i don't know why it would appear on other mobs other than the sha's in vale

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    when u look at the recipe in ur profession log and highlight sky claw its labled * Not Sky Claw * lol

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