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  • Death Knight

    106 7.86%
  • Monk

    71 5.27%
  • Shaman

    76 5.64%
  • Druid

    59 4.38%
  • Paladin

    113 8.38%
  • Warlock

    42 3.12%
  • Hunter

    109 8.09%
  • Priest

    76 5.64%
  • Warrior

    103 7.64%
  • Mage

    260 19.29%
  • Rogue

    333 24.70%
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    I think mage is the most boring class in the game. Cast times, stationary stuff, can only deal damage... Basically: It's slow. Slow, slow, slow. Everything about it feels slow to me. Yay, you get big numbers, but it still feels slow.

    Rogue is a second. I just don't feel like I'm doing anything when playing a rogue. Every attack 'feels' the same, and the combo-point mechanic is inefficient, and overall just very bad. There are tons of reasons not to put something like this in a game, and Blizzard has come up with several things that make the system less bad (like switching combo points to a different target, or generating faster combo points) but the fact that this resource system is so bad at its core that it requires such artifact band-aids in order to be more viable already proves that it is a really bad system.

    Basically: Monk chi points are everything that rogue combo points should have been, and I was rather annoyed with the fact that they gave the largest rogue fix to monks. :P

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    Ive always thought it was a toss up between DK's, Mages, and Druids personally.

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    Warriors bore me immensly
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    It's the first class to go if I want another pally or another faction, and the only class I've never gotten to max level.

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    I play a rogue when I play wow and usually nothing else been my main since 2007 and I have 2 rogues one on ally and one horde. It is very easy to say that rogue is the most boring class in need of an overhaul because no one is more unhappy as I am over the state of the class and lack of changes coming into the warlords xpac however It remains the only class that feels right to play for me and The most boring class My pick would be Paladin. I voted paladin on this poll. I use to have an 80 paladin in wotlk, I deleted him a long time ago he had a goofy name, he was a male human and I mostly played Holy. I discovered I hated healing in both raiding and pvp so I switched to Ret and tried to pvp and I didnt like it either, I only hated the class more with the introduction of holy power.

    Paladins are defined around 1 ability at least in pvp the bubble and after you have used your invulnerability spell as a ret paladin your then a sitting duck and ripe to be the kill target all game long.

    Plainly I dislike playing hybrids which is a shame because Hybrids have been prospering on the pvp front as of late. Hybrids are just a whole nother ball game to play you have so many healing/tanking utilities you can still bind and use to assist allies in combat its a lot more complicated but maybe I have it wrong and its actually less complicated than playing a rogue in pvp.. Lately and lately as in since Late wrath you have to play Sub to get anywhere and efficitvely use shadow dance but its so damn easy to get CCed during a dance your all but forced to cloak every time offensively then after those 8 seconds your damage for the next minute or so until you have it to use again is awful unless you can reset and reopen on someone and get a double eviscerate off. Rogues are very unpopular for pvp they only work in a few comps that are all about the opener the average person would rather play a hybrid or a warrior and have an easier time.
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    Monk because everything is the same. punch, kick, punch, kick, punch, kick. drink something..

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    I'd say rogue on live. Then a toss up between hunter and warrior on beta/ptr.

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    Top 3 most uninteresting classes

    Hunter/Rogue These 2 pures have 3 insanely similar dps rotations Rogues have no talents that change based on spec even going into warlords.


    Most interesting classes

    Druid 4 diverse specs
    Warlock Recently Overhauled.

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    Combo based classes... sorry, never got into them. Or melee DPS

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    To me it's a class where you really can't see any abilities performed. I like spell effects.

    Rogues: Every ability is just another term for stabbing my foe with a dagger. Nothing really changes on the screen. That and energy classes are extremely boring, and the combo point system is clunky and boring.

    Monk: Energy class. Kick, punch, kick punch. Cheesy martial art animations, names, and style.

    Druids are awesome because they are such a versatile class, but kitty dps is....a rogue! You also can't do much but move your paws if you're a cat.

    Warrior: Same thing as rogues on the ability thing. Every key press is just another name for "axe swing". Nothing cool changes on the screen, combat feels slow, and each ability is just another "clunk" or "thud" sound effect.

    Ret Paladin's would be ranked with the above with the terrible Holy Power system and Inquisition, but they at least still have spell effects where you can see something happening on the screen with the abilities your using.
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