View Poll Results: Most boring class?

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  • Death Knight

    104 7.88%
  • Monk

    69 5.23%
  • Shaman

    74 5.61%
  • Druid

    58 4.39%
  • Paladin

    110 8.33%
  • Warlock

    42 3.18%
  • Hunter

    106 8.03%
  • Priest

    74 5.61%
  • Warrior

    101 7.65%
  • Mage

    257 19.47%
  • Rogue

    325 24.62%
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  1. #281
    I think mage is the most boring class in the game. Cast times, stationary stuff, can only deal damage... Basically: It's slow. Slow, slow, slow. Everything about it feels slow to me. Yay, you get big numbers, but it still feels slow.

    Rogue is a second. I just don't feel like I'm doing anything when playing a rogue. Every attack 'feels' the same, and the combo-point mechanic is inefficient, and overall just very bad. There are tons of reasons not to put something like this in a game, and Blizzard has come up with several things that make the system less bad (like switching combo points to a different target, or generating faster combo points) but the fact that this resource system is so bad at its core that it requires such artifact band-aids in order to be more viable already proves that it is a really bad system.

    Basically: Monk chi points are everything that rogue combo points should have been, and I was rather annoyed with the fact that they gave the largest rogue fix to monks. :P

  2. #282
    Ive always thought it was a toss up between DK's, Mages, and Druids personally.

  3. #283
    Warriors bore me immensly
    'T Vlaamse heir staat immer pal, Daar 't winnen of daar 't sterven zal. Alhier, Aldaar aan lange lansen de leeuwen dansen, de leeuwen dansen.... En de leeuwen dansen, de leeuwen dansen.

  4. #284

    It's the first class to go if I want another pally or another faction, and the only class I've never gotten to max level.

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